Comments for Next Star Wars Saga rumored to take place in High Republic Era and will include a young Yoda


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  1. Steve

    So he wasn’t in his prime in the prequels? When is the high Senate supposed to be? Before the prequels also?

    1. Hey Steve! Yoda in the prequel trilogy is 864 at the start of Episode 1 and 900 by the time we get to the events of Empire Strikes Back. So he dies around the age of 900 and if rumors are true, this new saga will take place when Yoda is aged around 500 so it is highly likely he won’t need his walking stick to get around and we will see more of his sabre skills. Hope that helps!

  2. Jennifer

    Isn’t Darth Bane supposed to be long dead when Yoda is 500 years old?

    1. Hey Jennifer, I think it depends on whether Disney resets that part of the canon.

      Most of the old books are no longer canon so it’s a possibility they will write him into the new movies.

  3. Lawrence D Weisberg

    Who decided we need to slavishly do ‘Trilogies’? Do a film, leave it open, do a sequel is A) warranted, and B) wanted. Leave that open ended and repeat. BUT – you MUST have a STORY!!! Remember those? Most Trilogies seem to have a beginning (the first one) and an end (the third one) and NO solid middle (just dragging it out to get to the third). Yes, there are a few exceptions – both Empire Strikes Back and Godfather II are usually considered more solid than both their first films and their thirds cappers (Ewoks – oh please, don’t get me started!).

  4. Matt Brewster

    You just knew that Diz would not end the SW films, after paying 4 billion bucks for LucasFilm! I just hope there will be NO MORE DEATH STARS!

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