Comments for A Complete Guide To What We Know So Far About The Space 220 Restaurant

Space 220

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Well that got pushed back rather quick as i was told by a nice construction crew member working on it that they were being asked to be done by next month or so cms could get ready by march or so! Interesting and ty for the update bc i am very intrested to eat here.

  2. John Jones

    Everything you need to know??? I still know nothing after reading your high quality, copy and paste article!

    1. PissedoffMickey

      AGREEEEEEED! I have read this same crap every couple of days for the last two months, always with the promise of new information. You SUCK!

  3. Stephen Fabish

    You suck.

  4. Mark

    What sucks is we were promised this winter! I was told march by managers i know and cms are training already they might want to tell em its next winter now!

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