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Star Wars Writer and Director

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      True Fan

      You suck.

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    Darth FINALLY

    Give the man whatever he wants! Greedo shot first! The Jar Jar Binks Origin story. Dude knows what he’s doing. I’m all for it.

    Goooo George!

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    As long as Filoni keeps George in line, I’d be ok with this. They really need to make Filoni the Kevin Feige of Lucasfilm.

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    I remember though i do not want to 1-3! And i try to forget like a jedi mind trick!
    Lucas has said he enjoyed what JJ did though not what he wanted but never said he was going to do anything different! He even said he would have made luke die and be one w the force by 9 too! Everyone is entitled to opinion but theres many people whom liked the new movie as a sign by how much money its made! And we all know thats what disney truly cares about!

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      Darth FINALLY

      And when adjusted for inflation, George Lucas kinda cleans up the top 1-5 making money spots (other than Force Awakens).

      Good point. George should totally make more Star Wars movies.

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      Even if Lucas said Luke would die in Episode IX, he probably would have had Luke be more of a Jedi Knight in the movie. Not like what Ruin Johnson did.

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    Joe Cepec

    Does this article cite a single source or is it pure conjecture and made up rumor parading as journalism?

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    George Lucas will always be the father of Star Wars Disney needs to give him full control he’s 75 years old for god’s sake’s it was his imagination and dream that impacted billions of people hearts and inspired other movie directors I feel like I wouldn’t make sense if the heart of Disney didn’t allow it.

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    Matt Brewster

    Nobody knows Star Wars better than its creator! However, he already had it when he made the dreaded Prequels, so….

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    Andy Yaworski

    If GL is willing to give Disney the 4B back, he can certainly make more SW marketing vehicles for his Merch Empire.
    Once upon a time, B4 THE Prequels, I felt this way. Post PT, not so interested in more Lucas vanity projects. Come up with something new George…

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      You are a boner

      You are a boner

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    YES! Give him and Filoni the reigns. I’d go as far as remake Ep 7-9 as Legends or an alternate universe. The 9-part story was always supposed to be George’s- for better or worse. Not JJ’s, Rian’s and Colin’s story.

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    The prequels were not that bad, Jar jar was. The Phatom Menace was a brilliant twist. I would not even mind if they were to reshoot the last 3. Lucas have the stories, why not let him finish his work.

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    Giving GL control back would have been giving Stan Lee control of the MCU. Let Filoni and Favreau take over the reigns I say.

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    Lucas is a terrible writer and the prequels and Special Editions sucked TREMENDOUSLY.

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      You suck

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      The Special Editions were the same movies with some enhancements. How could they suck tremendously?

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    I would like to see some of the better Star Wars novels, perhaps some from Legends, adapted to the Big Screen. I think the Yuuzhan Vong story arc for example would be interesting as a movie or a trilogy.

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    No thanks. The prequels were bad enough.

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    Christopher Pare

    I would back Filoni/Favreau…..great team for sure

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    Uhhh. Last time Lucas had full control, Jar Jar wouldn’t stop saying “How Rude”…. you know… Like Stephanie Tanner… But Star Wars. Anyone in favor of this idea must have forgotten how cringefully bad the prequels were.

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      The prequels weren’t THAT bad. They just had a different style from the original trilogy that didn’t sit right with some people. I personally liked the prequels, and so have a lot of other people.

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    StarWars fan

    Please let George Lucas take over Star wars again, that was the best thing ever.

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    robert castaneda

    Full Control eh? I say great give it to him just as long as he doesn’t want to direct.

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    Danny Santiago

    Yes. It couldn’t be worse than The Last Jedi garbage.

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    Daniel Santiago

    Bring Lucas back please. Disney ruined Star Wars for me.

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    Help me George Lucas, you’re our only hope!

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    Paula Byler

    Yes! Make the timeline before force awakens and bring us more of Harrison Ford , mark hamill, billy dee williams!

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    Jessie Jo

    We need to understand what made the original StarWars releases special before taking judgement on the rest. The first ones fed an appetite that was missing from the movie diet at the time, and to a specific generation. It wasn’t that they were infallible.

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    George should be a guiding light, but Dave is a more inventive story teller. I’d bring back some of the extended universe lore and make episodes 7-9 an alternative universe storyline. 4,5 & 6 were the best movies because they relied on story first and special effects second. 1 sucked, (apart from the pod race), 2 was okay and 3 was more character driven with some exceptional lightsaber battles. But not one of them has ever been perfect. 7, 8 & 9 should have been written by Filoni. Their ideas were generally okay but the methodology was badly implemented. The story was corrupted.

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    Look .. the first experience of Star Wars was life changing. It had an affect that garnered such inspiration that it allowed its viewers to believe in things beyond the known, while telling a mesmerizing story.

    Hopefully … George can tap back into the substance that elicits that powerful inspiration, because I surely would love to be wowed again.

    May the Force be with You.

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    Does George Lucas forget that _he_ sold it? He sold it and was paid very handsomely for it. Just go away, enjoy your retirement and count your $4,000,000,000 George.

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