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rise of the resistance disneyland virtual queue

Credit: ITM/ Bailee Abell


  1. Brian

    Do you have to be in the Disneyland park or can you do it from the app inside of California adventure park?

    1. Kim

      As long as you have a park hopper and it is scanned into one of the parks, you can be in DCA and obtain a boarding pass right at 8. We rode yesterday on opening day.

  2. Tex


  3. Tex


  4. Tex

    That’s Awesome!

  5. Jenny B Stoneburner

    Does it work if you link up your tickets? There are 3 of us going and I was going to have everyone’s tickets on my phone?

    1. Kim

      Yes. They need to be pre-linked before 8 am to ensure that you all are in the same boarding pass.

  6. Mm

    Yes, link your tickets and be in the park ready to select a boarding group at 8:00 a.m.

  7. Rob

    Disney need to get rid of the virtual queue or do something that is more fair for all disney paying customers. People who get into the virtual queue can continue to enjoy the park whilst waiting for their booking group to be call up and queue up on other rides. They make all other rides longer for those who do not have a boarding group. If there was no virtual queue, people would be waiting at the ride,1-4hrs, and give other rides more space available for other people. I was very unhappy to be queuing at 8am for M. falcon for 2hrs knowing there were people in the line that had boarding group for rise of resistance. Don’t buy or visit Disney until they come up with something that is fair and willing to work out something to give ALL disney customer a better park experience.

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