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Walt Disney Company Logo(Left), Prince Harry, Meghan Markle are posing for a picture (Right)

Credit: Disney/Daily Mail UK


  1. George

    Disney now has a Real Life Prince and Princess not just in Fairy tale Animated Characters. In that some day a real life King and Queen. The Royal Disney Hotel could soon become a real Disney Property someday. All Hail to the Queen.

  2. Norah

    Good on her megan you are doing a very good thing to help save the elephants and good luck with your move.

  3. NENolan

    Good for her! I, for one, applaud their decision. I can’t imagine what the Royal Slackers and the British public and media put her through. A lot of vitriol over nothing. They have a right to their own lives.

    1. Jackie Harvey

      You are very gullible, if you believe a single word that woman says. Those of us in Britain welcomed her, as a great addition to the royal family. Her behavior towards people who served her was appalling. Not to mention the cup of tea that she threw over a member of staff when she was a state visit to Australia. All that glitters is not gold.

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