Comments for Marvel’s Sebastian Stan Insults “Endgame” Writers, John Boyega Tweets in Support

sebastain stan as winter soldier

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Mark

    And we care that hes commenting now but prior these celebs comment about how directors and writers are awesome and take their thoughts into account etc.
    Its bc its in the past and now your not getting jobs you want doesnt mean you get to burn your prior you know disney is a major company… weather you agree or not you burn a bridge w disney you wont wrk in this town again!

  2. Jackie

    Where did you get this info from???
    Stan is quite happily supporting falcon and winter soldier! John never said he was upset with star wars he even showed support again what others wrote and your site even posted that months ago! And oscar issac said he was disappointed he didnt end up w zori bliss not with the whole series!

  3. Midalah

    People are seriously reading into a single emoji and thinking they can read his mind. Perhaps he was simply responding in shock to the response, not agreeing with it. People need to seriously calm down. Crap like this is honestly why Sebastian isn’t a huge fan of social media.

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