Comments for Margot Robbie Might Play Tinker Bell in Disney’s Live-Action “Peter Pan”

Margot Robbie (Left), Tinker Bell (right)

Credit: Forbes/Disney


  1. Matt Brewster

    If you prefer curves over acting ability, I suggest model Kate Upton. Since Tink is petite and you need acting ability, too, there’s TV’s Anna Faris. If you want sassy and curvy, with some acting ability, how about the very cute and petite Ariana Grande, wearing a blonde wig! There’s also Katy Perry.

    1. Natasha

      When I think of tinker bell I think some like like jelly tips, a small petite women with acting abilities and any color hair as that can be an easy fix with a wig or dye.. but I don’t think Margo Robbie is that great of an actress and she doesn’t fit the part of tinker bell either.

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