Comments for Guests Tell Disney Security They Forgot They Brought a Gun to Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. L

    if you “can’t remember” you have a gun, you’re flat out not responsible enough to be owning one.

    1. R

      I completely agree!! This type of incident makes gun owners look irresponsible. It’s ridiculous!

    2. Matt

      Exactly what I was thinking. Unacceptable – especially in this day and age.

    3. Glenn

      I 100% agree with that, I carry a firearm at work everyday and when your wearing it you do get used to it and don’t think about it, but when it’s not on you you’re always aware of where it is and if it’s unloaded or loaded. If you can’t remember that you have a gun in your bag then you shouldn’t be owning or carrying one.


    This is about as stupid as forgetting you left your kid in the car. If you can’t remember you have it , then you are too irresponsible to have it!

  3. Mike

    This is the happiest place on earth not a gun range ! Stupid is what stupid does .

  4. GregRZ

    I would have still banned from all Disney parks.

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