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  1. Michelle Cecil

    We were at the front of the line, 2 hours in, when people started to shout and turn around, pressing everyone behind them to “evacuate.” No cast members were near by instructing us to leave. This was BEFORE the fire alarm was evacuated and we were not instructed to use the closest exit, just to follow everyone out to the main entrance.

    1. R

      Why is this even news?

      1. uh

        it’s a theme park website

  2. Danny B.

    I’m glad that Disney takes seriously safety as well as entertainment. In a world where selfish people just care about green instead of people’s lives. This is just a simple case of “better have and not need it than need it but not have it”. Two thumbs up for Disney from me!

  3. Laura

    We also waited two hours in line. We were just getting ready to get on the ride when the lights came on and they ushered us out. The staff members did not know what was happening. They just ordered us to go out the exits. To bad, so sad, no vouchers to skip the line next time.

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