Comments for Disney’s “Frozen 2” Not Nominated for Best Animated Picture, Fans Furious

frozen 2

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  1. Thomas

    It was probably because it isn’t that long since the first one won Best Picture, and while the second is better than the first, the first was such a phenomenon that it’d have been wrong to not honor it. The one that surprises me is that, while I don’t like the song, ‘Spirit’ isn’t nominated, I’d have put it in the nominations anyway just because younger audiences would tune in to see a Beyonce performance of it live. Toy Story 4 will probably win anyway, but if it doesn’t it’ll be for the same reason in that Toy Story 3, the far superior of the series, won only 10 years ago and was nominated for Best Picture as well as Best Animated Picture.

    1. Jackie

      Yes but toy story also won and yes it frozen won too as well but frozen 2 was the better movie and deserves the nom and win! Now i pray dragons takes the win bc that beat toy story 3 the first time and now now i love buzz and crew but dragons is as tremendous and inspiring as frozen as toy story is fun!

  2. Alan

    It’s the only Disney movie I saw, tired of super hero movies. Academy awards are a joke anyway, that only represents their view. Who really cares what they think!! It made Disney $$$

  3. JT


  4. Paige

    “Speechless” was the true snub. Just as good as any of the songs in Frozen 2.

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