Comments for Op-Ed: Think Epcot is boring? These will change your mind

epcot poster

Credit: Eric Tan/Stacey Aoyama


  1. Harley

    I do not think epcot center was boring i thought it was invented and it never needed to change just update! I think epcot is boring and it became boring when figment changed, kit kab was taken out for food rocks forget even soarin, tomorrows child was removed from sse and do not even get me or anyone else start all i will say is long live horizons!
    But that does not mean i am not looking forward to what epcot could become N i am excited!

    1. Mark

      Well said harley!

  2. Thomas

    When I visited WDW in 2016 for the first time the first park I went to was EPCOT, being there for 2 weeks my brother and I were able to visit each of the four main parks at least twice, and we both loved EPCOT. The cleanliness of the park made it the easiest to manoeuvre around, the sections were clear, which made planning easier. The World Showcase is brilliant, and while I thought that the UK Pavilion was a bit more Irish than British (I’m from the UK so was always going to find criticisms) we still loved it – my brother loves a Guinness so he loved it. IllumiNations was our favourite firework and light show, and it gave us a good balance for the day – I also found the Cast Members the friendliest in EPCOT too. I’m going to be controversial, but out of the four main parks my least favourite was Magic Kingdom – that’s not to say I didn’t like it, I absolutely loved it, and I’d say it is a 0.1% difference but if I ever manage to get over again in the future I’d be at EPCOT like a shot.

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