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ellen degeneres disney world proposal

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  1. It was at Disney springs, and we had plans to go to the park for two days but first we wanted a chat picture drawn and we found a place and my now husband got drawn first and I sat and waited for my turn and finally I go up and we are like 15 minutes in to me being drawn and a see a crowd starting to appear and I just thought it was people waiting or the drawing just looked really good and it was like a good 30 people if not more and finally he says alright come take a look and my first thought was WOW that looks just like us then I realize it’s a drawing of my husband down on one knee with the ring and above our heads it reads “will you marry me?” And a blank spot for my answer and of course I said yes and the crowd went crazy I was crying like crazy and now we have a beautiful picture of that magical evening and a video and now we are in our late 20’s with five beautiful boys and happily married ❤️ I

    1. Walt's Lucky Strike

      That’s cool.

  2. Annette Shoemaker

    My son Samuel Evans proposed to Amanda Gontz in Disney at the wishing well by Cinderella’s Castle ? in November 29,2015, she had no idea he was planning this we all had to keep our lips sealed ? Amanda’s mother Jan kept the ring in her purse the whole time, hoping Amanda would not get in her purse for anything. They Married in October 22, 2016 and now have a 18 month old son named Carter. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ So very blessed to share this experience with them, my son Samuel and my great niece Alysa Masker and myself have never been there before, Alysa was using my phone and I had the video recorder recording this magical moment!

  3. sandra

    Ellen please help me fix my teeth

  4. Neoma Henricks

    Our daughter and her boyfriend of 4 years wanted a trip to Disney World for their graduation present. Before we left, William took my husband out to eat at his favorite place and asked her daddy for Shelby’s hand in marriage. Of course daddy said yes. We went to Magic Kingdom on June 11th, 2017. We ended up hanging at the train station at the front of the park. It was raining so we were just enjoying the view when William got down on one knee and asked Shelby to marry him! They are getting married on October 24th, 2020 and want to go to DisneyLand for their honeymoon/familyvacation. We were there for the engagement and she wants us to be there for the trip as well! (Dont worry…..different rooms obviously! Lol)

  5. Dawn Neve

    Hi Ellen! Back in September my son’s partner Matt asked my Husband and I for our blessing to purpose to him. We were so Happy and of course gave our blessing. Matt then arranged for his parents and for us to come to Disney world to watch them run the Disney marathon and his purposal to our son Eddie. On January 13 the on the Dumbo ride( my son’s favorite) he asked Eddie to marry him! We were all present to celebrate their love! we have video and pictures. Of course Eddie said yes! Please consider them for your show❤️

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