Don’t Be Fooled By this At Home Dole Whip Impersonator

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Alright y’all, let’s get a little candid. I didn’t know how much I really loved Dole Whips and their sibling Orange Bird Citrus Swirls until Dole tried to pull a fast one on us. I’m serious. There have been way too many posts about Dole’s new/upcoming Spoonable Smoothies line, featuring a pineapple banana flavor that’s being touted as the new At Home Dole Whip. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Because banana. And granola.  These ingredients aren’t allowed near my Dole Whips. Sure, give me a Raspberry, Coconut, Blue Hawaiian Dole Whip. But never banana. Don’t mince textures with granola. And sure as heck don’t try to tell me that it’s an at-home version.

The At Home Dole Whip Impersonator

I first got wind of the new Dole Spoonable Smoothies from their Facebook timeline ads, and I was shocked by how many commenters the ad had. Mostly, people were irate over the recipe. (The original ad has expired, so please find the Facebook post instead). Dole responds with “Well, it’s inspired by a Dole Whip!” Sorry, Charlie. No way. Yes, it does offer the real Dole Pineapples as ONE ingredient of a blended frozen offering, but umm…. that’s like trying to say Tiramisu is a Latte.

Inspired by the original Dole Whip, new Spoonable Smoothies are the convenient breakfast you eat with a spoon! Grab from the freezer now, thaw, and enjoy by the spoonful!

Posted by Dole Sunshine on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 has a post up claiming they are an at-home version of the Parks dish, but I couldn’t disagree more. (I even found an old post where ITM saw the announcement and fell for the ad). Check out the actual dish below… it’s topped with sweetened coconut and granola, coming in at 180 calories. That’s a different dish to me. In fact, the addition of banana makes this smoothie a total no-go for many sweet toothers. You’ll have to really decide for yourself if you want to try the new Dole delectable. It’s available mostly at retailers like Giant Eagle, Stop N Shop, Shoprite and Safeway, spreading to other locations as the year passes. But for the love of all things Parks Snacks, STOP CALLING IT A DOLE WHIP. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Credit: Dole

Get an Actual Dole Whip or Spikey Pineapple at the Parks

When you’re at Walt Disney World Resort, you don’t necessarily need a Park Ticket to get a Dole Whip! Stop by Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort for a Spikey Pineapple at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto or a traditional Dole Whip from Pineapple Lanai just around the corner. Sometimes this soft-serve stand even has seasonal flavors like the KakaMora coconut flavor, . I’ll always try the new flavors, but remember… there’s no banana or granola in these (thank goodness)!

Get a Dole Whip at Home… For Real Tho

You’ll be 1000 times better off dusting off your Vitamix blender at home and tossing in some frozen pineapple chunks. Copycat Recipes for a Disney Dole Whip are all over the internet with varying ingredients (think dairy-free vs. not, coconut milk, etc.) and I’ve tried a few of them. I do recommend a little coconut milk to make it creamy, but there’s no nonsensical banana and sure as heck no granola in there!

From one Dole Whip lover to another, I’ve got your back. (Yes, I love Dole Whips and Orange Bird Citrus Swirls so much that I even dressed as one for Halloween, making a Dole Whip Hat Craft!) Be sure to read the ingredients (and boldly listed flavors) on the front of these spoonable treats before you go around calling it a Dole Whip. Sure, it’s made by Dole, and it does contain pineapple, but there’s more to our favorite Parks treat than just that!


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