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WDW Marathon Medals

Credit: Disney


  1. Andrea Watkins

    So I ran the full marathon and it actually increases the mileage 1.8 miles on top of out 26.2. Myself along with several others were wearing gps tracking devices and ended up running 28.2 miles with the change in course . So the statement of it was shortened is completely inaccurate.

    1. Carly Snyder

      Hi – I ran the dopey challenge also and my gps said 26.4 (I likely weaved around a few runners for the 0.2 but tried not to much) – The marathon is a Boston qualifier so the course is set at exactly 26.2 miles, not less or more than that. I was done by the time they called it being shorter, but even when I was running it was hot and people were getting really dehydrated – so they did shorten the course by getting rid of blizzard beach for anyone slower than a certain pace. If your gps said more than 26.2miles then it just means you weren’t running in a completely linear fashion, which makes sense as it can be hard when people are around you and you’re trying to dodge them.

    2. Kevin Smith

      You clearly don’t know how gps works…smh

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