Comments for WATCH: Disney’s Fab Five Characters Pay Tribute To Kobe Bryant At Disneyland

Kobe Disney

Credit: Getty Images/@TomerAzarly


  1. enough

    another article that forgets to mention that he was accused of rape. look, it’s tragic that he died the way he did, yes his family is going through something unimaginable right now with the loss of both him and his daughter and the 7 others. no, no one deserves for their life to end that way. yes, he was a legendary basketball player. no one is disputing any of that anywhere that i have seen, but these tributes are getting a bit over the top and starting to look ridiculous. tarping a dumbo ride in his “honor”? all that does is make the lines longer. the man was not a saint, let’s not forget that there was a very real, very dark chapter in his story, and the survivor is still out there somewhere having all of this in her face right now. let’s all just move on.

  2. are we done yet

    good grief, enough about this guy. it was tragic but let’s move on. not everything has to be a “tribute”. he wasn’t mother Teresa.

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