Comments for Breaking: Transportation Changes In Effect Today At Disney World Resort

Pop Century Skyliner

Credit: Disney


  1. Kathy B.

    It’s ok for us at these point. We will be coming the end of May looking forward to riding the skyliner. Just have to plan bus schedule , I’m sure we won’t have any problems.

  2. Univers Al

    The Skyliner sucks. I would never take it. Disney continues to screw it’s guests, but the idiots keep going back.

    Universal all the way now.

    1. AG

      What’s wrong with the Skyliner? We’ve ridden it many times and it’s great. Fast, easy and kind of fun.

  3. ann

    I am going in september not staying at the resort but excited to try the skyline .

  4. Heman

    It kind of sucks for Epcot since it’s in the back where none of of the rides are.

    1. Julie A Miller

      I think it will be difficult for me to use as I have to use a scooter to get around and have a huge fear of heights that can bring on panic attacks. I don’t want to have to be inconvenienced because of physical issues.

      1. Nancy

        I agree, i,i,m in the same situation.

      2. Michael Harbuck me

        You can always go to the all Star resorts they have busses there. Hope this info helps out

  5. Fran

    Where is the Skyliner schedule posted? I’m planning to use the system this week and want to ride it at opening time.

  6. Edward McGowan

    I saw this coming but I don’t like it. I love staying at POP because they have dedicated buses. I have stayed there 8 times and it is better than the other values in my opinion. (I don’t consider AOA a value resort.)
    My granddaughters refuse to ride the Skyliner, they are scared to death and my wife also would never get on it so that leaves us taking the bus. Waiting for an hour in the Florida heat for the bus to and from the parks is nuts. Making it to your reservations can turn into another problem.

    I thought this would just make the buses a little less crowded so everyone could finally get a seat. Now they will be just as crowded or even more so. Hopefully they change their minds.

  7. Nancy

    I think it’s crazy. I have to use a scooter, so i,m sure I can,t take that on the skyline. Meaning i,ll not be able to be with my family at the same time. Who wants to wait for a bus every hour?

    1. C thomas Davis

      Bet the skyliner can handle your scooter it has a special loading area

  8. Michael Harbuck

    I am almost certain it’s going on at cbr also as we are staying there right now and haven’t seen bus times to Hollywood studios or Epcot either day

  9. Kevin

    This makes me sad for guests with disabilities and phobias. A Disney vacation is supposed to be relaxing. This announcement may cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

  10. Ariel

    I’m terrified of heights. While the rest of my family would beat me to the park because they would use it, I’m stuck waiting for the damn bus. Disney this is a dumb move.

  11. Gern

    I would guess that the buses are not as crowded now that the Skyliner is running and that the lower than usual ridership may have something to do with this.

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