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Disney World rumors

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  1. Thomas

    I kinda wish that Walt was cryogenically frozen underneath Disneyland. I think now would be the perfect time to unfreeze him to find out what he really thinks of things at the moment and see what ideas he has to bring it back to his original visions and plans both in the parks and the movies.

    1. Peter

      I do not believe that that is a solvable issue….

  2. Joseph R Bonomo

    Heard that they are finally going to disassemble the old, closed River Country theme park (over by Ft. Wilderness) and build a new resort there.
    Also heard that WDW has finally ordered new monorail cars.
    Also heard that Virgin Atlantic is going to fund a new rail line from Miami to Disney Springs via Orlando and Universal Theme Park.
    Also heard that WDW is going to replace the diesel Disney Buses with Hybrid and Electric Buses to cut down on pollution.

    1. Jeannell Williams

      The buses and railine are both true. It’s just taking time with both.

    2. Jeannell Williams

      Sorry. I can’t find my comment to alter it. But let me explain the ralilone one. It’s not being funded by the virgin dude. It’s actually being done by a company called Brightline. They have rails down in palm beach county and they’ll bring extending them up into GA with some going from Miami to right next to WDW

  3. Bobbi

    Are there secret underground tunnels all around Disney world?

  4. pam

    Walt is not “buried” in Forest Lawn in Glendale, California…his ashes are interred there.

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