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Disney World Rise of the Resistance Fastpass

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  1. Indy

    Unfortunately it seems like you’ve bought into the whole “you have to have Fast Pass to experience the attraction” hype. Smugglers Run wait times, for example, are quite reasonable, making it easy for anyone at the park to enjoy the ride. Watch in mid February when FP+ comes online and those times will soar to match Flight of Passage, which gives out much to large a percent of it’s capacity to FP+. We can only hope RotR never gets FP and it goes to all Standby once the Virtual Queue experiment is over

    1. Ray

      Indy, I respect your opinion but you must live relatively near WDW. We live near the Canadian border and can only get to Disneyworld about once a year and do not have the time to stand in line for 1 to 2 hours for a ride. FP+ is a lifesaver for someone like us.

      1. Tom

        And this is what the locals and annual pass holders do not understand. WDW is very much a tourist destination and makes the majority of it’s revenue off of us tourists..not so much the people who pay for the pass holder and have access year round after that fee is paid. Just on my families upcoming trip between the dining plan and cabin stay we are well over 4k and then add the 120 a day for a hopper. Disney alone will make more of of my 5 day hopper pass than they will of of an annual passholder who will more than likely spend more than 5 days entering the park.

      2. Indy

        Hi. I actually live in California, so a long ways away. To your point, if FP was not in existence you could ride all the attractions in much less time. If your goal is ONLY to ride 2 or 3 things and use FP, then yes you save time. But for every standby line you go in you have to use 2 to 3 FP just to break even on your time. Honestly just run the numbers and you’ll see that you would be much better off without FP

        1. Tom

          Yes if you go to the park alone or with one person..this does not apply to families traveling with large groups..anyone can be solo and stand in single rider/stand by lines..try doing that with your children or your parents..it is not an option.

  2. William

    Pros and Cons. I love the fastpass system and I love that it is free. That being said, there are some definite drawbacks to some who want to ride the big rides. What Indy said is right – Once the FP+ is implemented the lines for those without FP will increase tremendously. That stinks if you are unable to get a fastpass. And if Hollywood Studios continues with the tiered system, you’ll have to pick one of your favorite rides and wait in a very long line for the rest. I love FP+ system, because I’m very familiar with it and know how to use it to my advantage. I feel very bad for the people who don’t know the system and come to the parks excited and then have to wait in lines that are much longer. I know that at times, they will let in FP riders at a rate of about 20:1 to standby riders. That’s tough. Also, for the absolute favorite rides you’ll have to be staying on property to even have a chance to get a FP. I’ve stayed on property for single night visits twice last year and I was never able to get a FP to flight of passage. That’s getting online at 7:00 a.m. on the very first day that I can get FPs. They are already booked up by people who are taking longer vacations and could get on earlier. The only way I’ve ever been able to ride flight of passage was by rope-dropping it or waiting in a long line. I’m confident that the line would be much shorter if there wasn’t a FP queue. That being said, I hope they don’t implement an FP for Rise of the Resistance any time soon. I liked the original system that they used the first week the best. You could get a boarding pass once everyone in your group entered the park. I do understand why they changed it to the lottery type system that they are using now, to discourage guests from coming to the park so early, but it does stink that someone may be the first one in the park and may not get a boarding pass at all because something glitches on the app or on their phone. For now, I think the system that they are using gives everyone at least a chance to get a boarding pass as long as they’ll get up early and get to the park. There will come a time when the FP will be implemented, but for now the boarding groups concept is great. And you still don’t spend your whole day waiting in line.

  3. Vicki Stump

    For those of us who are out of state and plan our visits and stay at the resorts, it would be nice to be able to at least get a boarding pass early. I am thinking maybe that would eliminate some of the morning madness. Or maybe they should consider leaving the park open later.

  4. Harley

    I wish we just didnt have fp period at wdw or went back paper fp like we use too. The system was easier and then it was a choice to take it or not! Not you must have fp to almost guarentee entry! Also the gac/das use to run easier and WC was the only other thing holding up a line! It ran much smoother and only in busy season or on popular rides did it max an hr not even near what it does now! I use to work there its all computers that track the fps coming in and calculate where the line time is. It also is you they tag bands now but they use to hand out flick cards to see how long it took a person to go through a line that would change the time! Thats why a ride might say an hr but its not! Also those time counters dont go to zero if you noticed when theres no line it might still say 5-10 mins so you have to always calculate that too!

    1. Mark

      Back in the day there was just logic and wow that line looks long bc there were no wait times! We also didnt have cell phones to get pissed at cms to say it took too long! We might have checked our watches esp when the ride was 101 but nothing beyond it! To add to your point harley!

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