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  1. Laura

    there is a perfectly good parade sitting in mothballs right now- paint the night. there is no reason that can’t be moved to magic kingdom. it is a phenomenal parade, i’m glad i got the chance to see it at disneyland. there were rumors some of the floats are too big- is disney claiming they can’t modify them? give me a break. use what you already have, it would be a huge hit and i’d love to see it again, but as it sits right now, you can’t see it anywhere.

  2. Harley

    Is there any reason we cant have a revived mselp or spectro

  3. Mike

    Agreed, this is for parade float. Disagree that it is projection mapping. More like Disney is creating a computer moniter on a 3D surface. Each pixel will be the tip of a single fiber optic thread. Totally reliant on the computer and light source. If you are familiar with the paved area in EPCOT with the fiber optic patterns then you can get a small sense of the idea and how they have expounded on it.

  4. Matt Brewster

    I think that Disney is getting way too reliant on projections for its evening park entertainment! After all, the public is inundated by all sorts of TV and movies back home. The parks should emphasize three-dimensional entertainment that can only be found there and not back home. The Pirates ride at Shanghai uses mostly projections. The upcoming Runaway Railway ride at DHS is said to rely solely on projection! I see a public backlash coming. Enough is enough!!!

  5. Tim Kugel

    Quibble: the link is to a published application, not a granted patent.

  6. Melanie Durham

    Chill out people! It has not come to fruition yet! I think it will be beautiful as usual Disney fashion! Give it a chance if it even happens!

  7. Jason

    Couldn’t find a picture of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World?

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