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  1. Ian

    So many entries into that place I don’t know how they can cover all of them and make everyone go through a metal detector like the parks. I mean we can go as far as office buildings and malls. Lets not fix the issues where idiots are able to guns so lets just see if we can stop them 50% of the time before they do harm.

    1. Laura

      i agree that needs to be changed too, sadly in this country though, it will never happen.

  2. Gary

    I’m surprised they don’t already.

  3. Jim

    So l understand in the news article, no one was caught in Disney Springs but setup security check points and charge all the stores more to cover the cost for check points, man power, etc. and than the stores will make us the customers pay more to cover their costs. Why dont we put security check points up along the Orlando city limits to keep Orlando safe or better yet put up security check points along the border to keep us all safe?

    1. W. Bruce

      My mind went exactly the same route… the cost to guests at Disney Springs, where should it end, all because one person was charged with carrying unlawful, in FL no less. LOL

  4. William

    I hope they do not put up more security checkpoints. I think it is excessive already. I would imagine at any given time at Disney Springs there are many U.S. residents with concealed carry permits who are carrying weapons. That actually makes me feel much safer than thinking that there are checkpoints that clever villains could get around to wreak havoc on an unarmed public. I have been a passholder for years and am aware of the restrictions in the parks, but I did not even realize until reading this article that concealed firearms are not permitted in Disney Springs. I am a little disappointed to find that out.

  5. Russ

    Absolutely. Sadly, the world has changed and Disney should not have to wait until something happens before adding more security.

  6. Jimmy

    Why not just put a security checkpoint outside of everyone’s home?

  7. Laura

    disney spring is on disney’s private property, they can institute any rules they wish. no one is forced to go shop there if they don’t like it. i for one would be in favor of more security for the exact reasons outlined. it’s unfortunate, but that is our reality in this country. it wouldn’t be that difficult to do. some reengineering of entry and exit points to remove some, additional cameras and patrols with dogs, and require security screenings.

    1. Mark

      This right here ty

  8. We always predicted that one day Disney Springs would be the next target place, as there is No real good Security. Yes they have a few people walking around, some with dogs, but as large as the area is there is No Way they can cover it with the present staff. They need to have check points just like Disneyland! I feel safe there as you are checked even coming from a Hotel on property. Disney Spring is wide open, you can walk there, take a boat, bus, car, etc. It’s so unsafe, and very sad as a Disney Property. They need security check points in every direction and high gates to prevent the inevitable to happen. When Walt started build the parks, etc. he never would have dreamed this kind of activity to happen. Times have changed, and the Disney Board of Directors and Powers To Be need to make their parks Safe for the Public.

    1. Jim

      Just to clarify, nothing has happened on Disney Springs property. The current security system worked. Based on the article the person mentioned was walking with a concealed weapon. He was caught by the police not Disney security. We dont know his intent just that he broke the law. Why does the article assume adding security check points to enter Disney Springs is going to catch people walking down the street? We need to step back and use common sense. Spending a bunch of money making check points and walls does not work. Look at the border.

  9. Andrea

    Somehow they should have security checkpoints. But I don’t think as some people commented, the cost should be charged back to the stores. Their rent at Disney Springs is so over the top already. I know of one store paying $30,000. A month. So Disney can afford to pay for it themselves, they make enough money off of everything. Let their CEO take a pay cut, or half of his payoff since he will be leaving soon.

  10. Sean

    In that case, they should have security at every mall and shopping area. That’s all Disney Springs is…like City Walk, or basically any Downtown area…it would be one thing if it was Pleasure Island, but no…it’s basically a giant outdoor mall.

  11. Susan Taylor

    I think they should have more security in place. Yes it is like a mall but to most visitors it is part of their Disney experience. I would like to see security the same as parks,

  12. Michael

    Maybe remember that the dirtbag that killed 49 people at the pulse nightclub a couple years ago was originally scoping out Disney Springs as a possible location. So you think it’s not worth having something set up? I certainly do.

  13. Lee Jones

    This world has never been safe and it never will be. Disney will be wasting its time.

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