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  1. Mary Smith

    I always used Kingdom Strollers. We stay at my sons home in Clermont and they are the only company in Clermonts delivery zone. They deliver to his home and pick up. Very convenient!

  2. Luly

    Good because people don’t care they hit your legs with big stroller they dont said sorry hope all park do the same

  3. Matt Brewster

    I was last in the WDW parks eleven years ago. Ecen then, the stroller situation was getting out of hand. You couldn’t go anywhere in the parks without literally tripping over the damn things!! It got me thinking that Diz should stop coddling parents and consider the rights of every guest. I concluded that WDW should follow the same approach that took to smoking. That is, PHASE STROLLER USE OUT!!! In Phase 1, parents would be gently persuaded to wait a few years before bringing their littlest ones to WDW. Let the grandparents care for them until the family returned. Phase 2 would eliminate all strollers rented from off-site companies. In Phase 3, the in-park rental strollers would be restricted to one per family. In Phase 4, the strollers would be offered only during “slow” seasons. Finally, in Phase 5, ALL STROLLERS WOULD BE BANNED WITHIN THE WDW PARKS. Sure, it’s Draconian, but safety and sanity is at stake here, folks.

    1. Mark

      Maybe disney should just ban you

  4. Laura

    easiest option is simply to bring your own stroller from home. it’s also the cheapest option. i can’t imagine not having a stroller at the airports to contain my kids into, no way would i be chasing them everywhere. it’s free to gate check strollers on the jet bridge and then pick them up on the other side, same with car seats (or use your car seat on the plane if child has their own ticket and you’re renting a car, rental car seats have gotten pricey). it’s a little bulky but you get used to it. then you always have your own stroller with you on your trip. you know it’s condition, how clean it is (or maybe isn’t, but you at least know it’s your own kid’s mess), you know how it operates, and it’s easiest to pick out of a sea of identical rental strollers.

  5. Harley

    How about if your local and it take 3 people to get it out of the car and you can not fold it onto the tram DO NOT BRING THAT STROLLER! If your not local if it can not be easily loaded onto a plane aka it can not be folded up or unfolded wo 10k tricks DO NOT BRING THAT STROLLER! Btw wagons etc arent strollers leave your excess stuff at home and just bring necessary items for you and the family you do not need bags hanging off the stroller from all ends everyone has a backpack and coolers of the gods that btw are now banned but people still think oh i am going to try it…. if you do not like rules or want to follow them sorry to tell ya this kiddos but theres rules at every theme park!

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