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  1. Kathryn

    This disgusts me. She calls that huge debt?? Mmt student loans after almost 20 years id paying is still more than 15000 not including my regular debt from bills etc. Work within your means. I have to. So should you.

  2. Madeline

    I think this is appalling. If you love someone and want to spend the rest of your lives together then it shouldn’t matter what your wedding costs or includes. Our wedding cost around £3000 all in, and we still thought that was expensive! The wedding is one day, the marriage is the important part. Also if they are worried about their debt thinking about first class flights and suites on a cruise ship is just downright irresponsible.

  3. Laura

    there are so many words… first, that is not “huge debt”. second, get a flipping job. third, if you want to get married, that’s fine, but live within your means. you go to a judge if that’s all you can afford, go get a dress at goodwill, and that’s just as legal as anything else. you go on a road trip for your honeymoon, or you start saving up to take one at a later time. screw this notion of everyone else paying for your anything. these honeymoon funds that have popped up over the last few years are gross too.

  4. Harley

    No offense but maybe getting married at wdw isnt the answer if your poor! Wdw weddings are kinda for the able! If 10k+ is able and this is when i did research way when i was in hs about 20yrs ago! And that was simple ceremony not at wedding pavilion could you imagine what it is now!?
    Why not at most take a disney honeymoon and call it day!

  5. ScottishLass

    If they’d said they wanted a small Disney themed wedding and were hoping to go to Disney World for a few days and help towards that then fine but to go on to say they want first class accommodation, cruise etc comes over a just plain greedy. They want a big extravagant wedding with over 1000 guests then they should pay for it – though finding 1000 idiots that would be willing to participate might be more challenging for them both!

  6. Nancy Lewis

    If you can,t afford it, you don,t do it! How ridiculous to even ask! Wouldn,t we all have wished for a Disneyworld wedding. It,s terribly rude and selfish to expect others to pay for your special day! Grow up and smell the roses!

  7. Mark

    I agreee with everyone whom commented but i had to add this is like that couple on the news that thought it was not enough people showed up maybe bc its just right brought a gift was enough they added VIP service for extra $100+ like isnt my presence enough!? Well there excuse was the VIP will allow you to be w table 1 instead of table 100! How many people does anyone know in there day to invite that many people? I dont know about you but i am not inviting everyone i ever met in my whole life to my wedding i do not know half those people well enough to do so!!!!
    I get some people have big families well then you mingle and go get food w them like everyone else does i am not spending extra $100 for that!!! Crazy sad world we live in!

    1. Katie

      Hi, Wow!!
      To each there
      Well , when my husband and I got married, we were so excited to be Married to each other, that we paid for our wedding our selves. I felt so Special that my husband worked really hard to buy my Wedding Dress, and my lovely Grandma sent me $100.00 worth of Purple Iris Flowers, and my Cake, well we only have a picture of the top lol, ?Happens Lol
      Lesson, But I can still see my Beautiful Cake in my mind , it doesn’t matter if your poor, if you Love ❤️ each other, you will find a way. We added up our wedding cost , and everything was about $3000.00,and we had everything!!
      This year 2019, was Our 20th Wedding Anniversary, we talked about doing something special like going to Hawaii, but it didn’t happen, because we knew, paying bills was more important in the long run. I just saw a couple months ago that Disney Land Marries couples, I thought wow, I love Disney, and what a Dream that would be to Renew our Vows , at such a magical place!! Bottom Line , Just like Disney says, If you really love each other, Your Dreams Really Come True!!

      1. Mark

        This was. Response to my comment how??? So wow back at you rude!

  8. Sue

    I have cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia and depression. I’d LOVE to go to Disney world! I’m not about to beg for the money. They are both healthy and young. That should be enough.

  9. Jennifer

    I find this extremely selfish.
    Have a simple wedding and save up your own money for the dream celebration you want, even if it has to be later.
    We have debt too, but when we want a Disney vacation we take on extra work or make sacrifices to save $. And we wait till we have enough $ instead of asking someone else to fund our dreams.
    Wouldn’t we all like to have our debts paid off and a dream trip on someone else’s dime.

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