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  1. Hayley

    Please always remember too that just because food is included, you still have to pay the tip if you do a sit-down restaurant. Tip out is based on the ENTIRE bill, not just extras you may additionally purchase. Something Disney sorely ignores to tell their guests and their employees get punished for.

    1. Harley

      On top of that wait staff is only paid $2-5 an hr expect they are going to make some tip if not full tip! Not many people know that either.

    2. Na

      Does anyone know if they will let you use an adult deluxe dinning credit on someone who in not on the dinning plans but apart of guests plans?

  2. Ines

    It IS NOT a change!! It’s just being enforced due to guests abusing the fact that the computer system could not distinguish between adult and kids credits. It was “managed” by the server via their management. All on the honor system. Servers who get audited and are found to have not enforced adult meals for adults and kids meals for kids will be subject to discipline. Also, with the fact that gratuity is not included, and 1 adult and 4 kids All order $40 adult steaks (with apps and desserts to boot) and ring up a $450 bill, guests were not inclined to tip accordingly because deluxe plan shoots up the total pretty quickly. Unless it is a party of 6 or more (that is what triggers the forced gratuity), servers were lucky to get 5-10% on the Deluxe Dining Plan total. It’s a win to help assist the cast members and to keep it consistent across property for the guests.

  3. Nicole

    They need to find a way to allow multi families who share a villa to be in charge of their own credits. We went with my in laws ( which is made up of three separate families) shared a 3 bedroom villa and we lost out on our snacks and 1 meal cause my father in law insisted we used it. But regardless if my friends and i went on vacation and shared a villa i wouldnt want to try and keep track of what they spent or i spent. It seems flawed in that sense. Each bracelet should have each plan. Mine should have my meals and snacks my kids should have theres etc.

  4. Mercy Betancourt

    It’s horrible. I have 3 kids and I go just me and them all the time and I used to love the fact they could order adult meals. We just left yesterday and they were forced to order kids meals I ended up throwing almost all of them away. They said the burgers tasted like cardboard. No more dining plan for me.

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