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  1. what.


  2. Matthew Doherty

    Let’s see; Chernabog from Fantasia – Giant necromantic demon, Maleficent – Literally says her powers come from Hell, The Black Cauldron – Necromantic army summoned by a lich, Hercules Pain and Panic – two literal demons, Princess and the Frog – shadow demons, Wizards of Waverly Place, Twitches, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Hocus Pocus, and I am sure there are plenty I am missing. But Disney has always dealt with demons and witches. This is nothing new.

    1. Michelle Anderson

      Except this has a girl hugging a demon. I’d never want to see a child hugging Chernabog just like I don’t want to see this.

      1. Rach

        Completely Agree!! That was the oddest part to me. The girl “loves” the “king of demons” and wants to be like an evil witch? The girl loves to “people watch demons”?? I find the entire show confusing for children. Kind of a funny show for adults though. Made me think of something I’d see on adult swim. Hopefully it’s better than the trailer showed.

    2. Carolyn Petrey

      Yep. So many past/present execs of Disney have been arrested for & charged with sexual crimes against children, too! Google tunnel system under theme park & look at the map they so nicely provide visitors with that clearly depicts the tunnels, with the exception of the entrance to the one they like to snatch kids through, which is in the it’s a Small world ride. Look it up yourselves if you doubt the fact. These people are SICK. They’re involved in child trafficking and child sex slavery and torture, and they have been for as long as they’ve been around. just look at all the references to sex in each maybe they ever made even going back to the early 80s!

      1. Joe

        Crazy much… please seek professional help. Spreading nonsense is just crazy. In all seriousness seek a professional or speak to someone who can guide you to a reality based place.

        1. Ashley

          Actually this is a fact. My sister and I ALMOST got snatched. We didn’t understand until we got older, but we were in the bathroom and she left out before me but there was a Princess asking if she wanted to see her castle. She said she had to wait for me but Thank God my tummy was hurting & I was on the phone with my dad asking to go back to the hotel. When we got home there was a story on the news about a lady losing her two kids. There was a long line to a ride and one of her kids wanted to go to the bathroom another lady offered to take her. After a while she went looking for the kid and another lady offered to watch her other child as she went to the bathroom. They weren’t in there so she went back for her other daughter and they were gone too.

      2. Day

        Lady you’re nuttier than my Jiffy peanut butter!

        Mental Case!

        1. Pam

          It’s Jif peanut butter, not Jiffy, so who is the mental case now???

  3. Arglebah

    There is no such thing as “witchcraft”, therefore it is impossible for this show to teach children how to be “witches”.

    1. Jackie

      Actually its called wicca i am a wiccan i wouldnt consider myself a witch most do not contray to popular beliefs cast spells worship the devil… quite honestly i amongst many prefer to coexist like other religions! We have many bases the same! Except for me I just belief my life came from the earth and wiccans are here to project mother earth so bc there’s no heaven or hell to me i can not there for believe in the devil just like god isnt real to me! Other religions Gods are prophets to us and we know how important they are to you. Its nothing like you see in movies etc i guess thats why movies change things to make it exciting but unfortunately thats whom we are in a nutshell! And you can not learn it from disney movies as they are just like disney was based in christianity! Theres a huge book series explaining all that called gospels according to disney.

    2. Rach

      Witchcraft is real and practiced. You can believe it doesn’t work but it most definitely exists. There is the Power of Attraction which many witches use. Plus the proof that “witchcraft” was formally a female showing knowledge of how to use herbs, roots, and the power of the mind.

    3. Amy

      I’ve been practicing”witch craft” for many moons. if this is your opinion so be it. But, i can surely tell you “witchcraft” is alive and well.

    4. Christopher Richards

      It’s absolutely ridiculous people want to attack a children’s show about fantasy and witchcraft. I remember when religious extremists be attacking both the harry potter movies and books because they promote witchcraft. Witchcraft is not real, it doesn’t exist. People need to learn there’s a big difference between reality and fantasy.

  4. Spurdola

    So parents were okay for years with kids watching those obscene bootleg Spider-Man & Elsa videos on YouTube filled with violence, nudity, gore and soft-core, but now some fairly vanilla-looking cartoon comes out with witches and everyone loses their minds.

  5. Juan

    Well there’s a ton of so call “Christian” Disney fans that love to ship Elsa with Jack Frost… who is dead and a Spirit, therefore ending with a human woman being Spectrophillia, a sin against God itself.

  6. Mimi

    This is nothing new for Disney! Snow white came out in 1952 as their first movie. The Evil Queen not only tries to get a huntsman to cut out Snow White’s heart, but she performs a spell to become a peddler and a hag to deceive Snow White so she can poison her with an apple she put a spell on. The only difference I see is them not portraying the witch as the bad guy….

    1. Jon Palmer

      As soon as I realized this attack on the show came from CBN, I was quickly able to dismiss it. Disney shouldn’t worry what Pat Robertson and his TV minions think. Their opinions are irrelevant to most people.

  7. Paul Alter

    1) Love how folks judge a program before they’ve seen it.
    2) Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.
    3) Don’t want your kids to see it? Don’t let them.

    Me? I wasn’t interested in it before. But now I am. I’m gonna give it a watch and see.

  8. Rach

    I find it odd they are making what we normally see as bad being portrayed as good. She loves the “king of demons” and wants to be like some witch?? She loves being around demons? That’s odd for a Disney cartoon. Looks more like cartoon network. The cartoon looks funny for adults though. I don’t feel it’s age appropriate. At the very least it doesn’t seem to teach much and is another junk show for temporary amusement. Disney, like most, does have questionable characters but usually there’s more of a distinction with right and wrong. Not full on embracing an evil dimension. Hopefully the show is better than the trailer and has some positive meaning.

  9. Amy

    It’s about time Disney stopped protraying us as ugly, evil witch’s. This has been a lie for so many years. I absolutely will be watching tonight with my kids to show them who we really are as a witchcraft family. Fun, exciting , just like everyone else. Good luck on the cartoon, we can’t wait.

    1. Hail and well said.

  10. William Moulton

    Okay the closest thing there is to witch craft are Wickens. Magic is fake and wickens are just edgy hippies who like to scare Christians. Their is no such thing as magic or demons or the necronomicon unless your living in a fantasy world.

    1. Phil

      There actually are demons. Jews, Jesus, early Christians, etc. believe in demons’ existence. There are spell books, but s was heather they effect anything is questionable. Doing real magic, as well as researching them and/of fearing them too much does get their attention and they might use that to entrap someone into pride, despair, greed, of whatever else one opens oneself up to. Satan does prefer we don’t believe in him and his and, instead, attribute demonic activity on their behalf to ourselves or “spirit guides”, but if we’re onto him, well…

    2. There actually are witches and have been for thousands of years. Look up the Witch of Endor in your book. The ancient arts of witchcraft are still taught, if you can find a teacher.

  11. Gearran


    Honestly, this looks pretty cool. Creative, good animation, voice acting sounds solid, and the set design looks imaginative.

    As for the “learn to be a witch” bit…uh…yeah, I’m pretty sure most everyone else has pointed this out already, but…Disney en’t shy about using demonic and occult references in their works. This isn’t really any weirder than plenty of other things they’ve produced, or even other modern animation like Steven Universe. Besides, I highly doubt any “witchcraft” that the show teaches will be anything more than fluff and disguised morality lessons (if the writing is any good) or about as real is fairy-dust if it isn’t.

  12. Miranda Smith

    Omg!!! Its. A cartoon for crying out loud .Stop being so uptight. Let kids be kids whats wrong with a little play and imagination? Maybe you grown ups need a to embrace your inner child more. If you havent noticed most of disneys movies and shows are about magic and sorcery and fantasy realms. So what you gonna accuse walt disney of being a witch now? Lmao!!!!!?

  13. bill

    you christians are stupid 😉

    1. Michelle Anderson

      Would you say that to a Muslim?

      1. Muslims are stupid too.

  14. Learning witchcraft teaches people to be loving, strong, independent, and clear thinkers. It is good for children and adults. Hooray for Disney.

  15. Diane

    Disney is finally closing the loop from Harry Potter which got some children to jump off of garage roof top thinking they could fly on a broomstick. The Insidious way the Disney tries to indoctrinate children, as Hitler did, into a world that they should not be involved in is made clear by their offering such as Maleficent where they justify evil. They aim these flaming darts at little kids, because children under the age of 11 reason in the concrete not in the abstract which means they accept everything they are told by adults is real. In fact there are many adults that have. As an example, toan 8 year old , after she read the book about the game quidditch associated with Harry , jumped off of a roof because she thought she actually could fly on a broomstick. I don’t her parents could have stopped her since parents are considered Muggles… who are without imagination and should never be listened to according to the book. If you have children you’d better be very careful there’s a lot of deception out there. My family and I have not attended any parks or movies put out by Disney and over 10 years and we’re still fine

    1. Jesse

      And I would like to point out that there are millions of kids out there who did not jump off their roof. Myself included. The difference, I believe is parenting. They taught me the difference between real and imaginary at an early age. And if something was scaring me to pray about it… Thus I knew that if I jumped off a roof I couldn’t fly. Muggles are NOT parents. You’re reading ore into it than most kids that knew! Either that or you got all of your information third hand from one of those books that came out at the height of Harry Potter’s popularity. The ones that said that it was teaching kids all these awful things like witchcraft… Which if you had read the books themselves(which I know is assuming that you didn’t read them, which is bad.) You would know that they don’t really teach anything. They don’t even teach you really how to fly on a broom.
      Though I could see how a mind could use them as an influential piece if a greater influence is not available. That’s why parents are so important. Mine kept me grounded.

  16. Anthony

    Don’t go & blame companies for poor parenting, I’m surprised in the year of 2020 we’re still posting these leftest articles because your lousy journalism has no originality by creating this false narrative of Disney teaching kids on how to become “witches” it’s a cartoon…. For God sakes!! I’m surprise you didn’t mention movies like Hocus Pocus or Halloween Town which are also Disney Movies that are mainly about witches & Dark magic, Which came out in the early to mid 90’s as your reporting would be rather late on that.. People can’t enjoy anything these days without destroying Art & Creatively especially when its caddered to a wide audience… This is why Video Game & the movie Industry have to tip toe around egg shells because of people like you..Sadly your not giving a solution to this so called problem..Your probably getting paid to post this article which at the end of that day it’s all about making money, which isn’t a bad thing but if your gonna make some article.. Please let it be something of interest & intriguing to read.. You’ve proved nothing & this article doesn’t do any justice to your cause..

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