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Disney Dowdle Collection

We are pleased to announce Joel B. has won our Giveaway for the 6 gallery wrapped canvases. If you entered and didn’t win you still have a chance to purchase your favorite painting here.

Do you want another chance to win some amazing Disney Art? We have already launched our next giveaway for an amazing Lady and the Tramp piece which you can see here.


Inside the Magic is excited to introduce folk artist and  Disney Artist Eric Dowdle to our audience. You might have recently seen Eric Dowdle at Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts where he was meeting guests and signing his artwork.

We are also honored with the opportunity to give away 6 of Eric’s gallery wrapped canvases to a lucky winner. You can see the full details of this giveaway that will run through Sunday, February 2nd.

Who is Eric Dowdle?

Eric creates both fabulous pieces of Disney Art and he has many non-Disney pieces of his Dowdle Folk Art too. His works are widely available not only at the Disney Parks but also major retailers like Target and Costco to name a few. If you’ve followed Eric’s work then you are probably familiar with his puzzles too.

His work is considered Folk Art or stated another way instead of coming from the tradition of fine art its a popularized version of art. It’s an art style based around communities, so in the case of Eric’s Disney art, it is the community of Disney and the characters we all love.

What I personally love about his art is the surprises you will find in his pieces. You need to look closely at each one because you may find a chicken stuffed in a mailbox or rooster among many other hidden surprises.

Art Brand Studios describes Eric Dowdle’s style of art and his background as:

This style of art brought together the values that were instilled in him throughout his life with his love of people, sense of humor and the ability to tell the stories of people through the detail of the artwork.

Eric has been creating art for over twenty years. He started painting in his early twenties; parting ways with college after one year, to “go make something happen.” Making things happen is how Eric does things; painting, exploring, marketing, and working day and night to expand the business and his collection of over 300 paintings. Today, his original paintings have been converted into premium gifts and keepsakes, such as fine-art prints, puzzles, calendars, adult coloring books, personalized wooden puzzles, 3D Stratascapes, and more.

Dowdle products have captured the attention of small and large big-box retailers such as Costco, Walmart and Target selling more than one million puzzles each year, giving Dowdle a large and growing retail presence.

Dowdle Disney Collection

Among Eric’s collection of over 300 paintings is the collection we are most excited to share with you – the Disney Dowdle Collection. And remember an 11” x 14” Gallery Wrapped Canvas of each of these 6 pieces will be given to one lucky winner. If you want to purchase any of his artwork you can do that here.

Beauty and the Beast Finding Love

Beauty and the Beast Finding Love


The age-old question of what inner beauty really looks like? This story gives hope to us all! Give it a try. Be nice. Think of others first. Who knows, you might find it to be your best feature. And when the right person comes along they might discover something that they have been looking for all their life. Eric Dowdle

Key Points

  • This scene is set at the moment when Belle and the Beast begin to fall in love. As she helps him try to feed the birds in the snow, love blooms, underlining the theme of the story – that a person’s beauty lies within.
  • This painting features favorite characters including Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Coat Rack, Babette, Maurice, Philippe, and Sultan.
  • Gaston can be seen preening in the background, and the wolves that protect The Black Forest are hidden in the bushes behind him.
  • The Enchanted Rose sits in the foreground of the painting, a reminder of the Enchantress’ spell and the fact that time is running out for the Beast to find true love.
  • How many hidden roosters can you find in this painting? Eric Dowdle’s signature classic rooster makes an appearance in some of his folk art masterpieces.

Cinderella’s Enchanted Evening

Eric Dowdle: Cinderella's Enchanted Evening

In this painting, I wanted to bring Prince Charming to the home and circumstances of Cinderella where in my mind’s eye he could see her life and experiences that helped shape and mold her into the positive and happy person she was. Eric Dowdle

Key Points

  • Can you spot Jaq and Gus? Hint: They’re not far away from Lady Tremaine’s black cat, Lucifer.
  • Watching from the window with envy, Cinderella’s step-sisters, Anastasia and Drizella are accompanied by their mother, Lady Tremaine.
  • Cinderella’s loyal companion, Bruno, happily watches her in the company of Prince Charming.
  • Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother appears in the center of the painting, casting a magic spell over the scene.

Little Mermaid – Part of Your World

Eric Dowdle: Little Mermaid - Part of Your World

What if life suddenly became a living musical? What if everything becomes a frolicking dance of decisions. I believe the highs would be higher and the lows would be lower. The emotional spectrum would make for a much more riveting drama. Is this a good idea? Eric Dowdle

Key Points

  • Ariel’s closest friend and confidante, Flounder, adds to the ambiance as he and six friends create a makeshift fountain around Eric’s boat.
  • Can you find all of the sea creatures playing musical instruments?
  • King Triton maintains a watchful eye on the underwater kingdom of Atlantica as Ariel and Eric enjoy an enchanting evening above the sea.
  • Surrounded by Flotsam and Jetsam, Ursula remains busy conjuring spells.

Mickey and Friends Painting in Paris

Eric Dowdle: Mickey and Friends Painting in Paris
With the inspiration of some of the world’s greatest galleries, I love the idea of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck playing the part of both artist and model. Paris inspires even the simplest of artists to try their hand at a sketch or two… or maybe even some “figure” drawing. Eric Dowdle

Key Points

  • In the distance is France’s most recognizable and romantic landmark the Eiffel Tower.
  • Mickey is becoming quite the accomplished painter, his portrait of Donald is almost life-like.
  • The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris shines as bright as the sunsets. Most people don’t know it is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • Windmill on the Moulin Rouge is perfectly tucked away in this work of art, can you spot it?

Mickey and Friends Skating in Central Park

Eric Dowdle: Mickey and Friends Skating in Central Park

Winters in New York provide some of the most enchanting holiday backdrops where friends and family can gather to make chilly memories. My wish in painting Mickey and Friends Skating in Central Park is that it will remind us of the good fun that is always better when enjoyed with good friends. Eric Dowdle

Key Points

  • Dusted with snow in winter, the Gapstow Bridge offers a moment of tranquil beauty in any season.
  • The Plaza Hotel New York is one of the City’s most popular film sites.
  • The Woolworth Building is an early American skyscraper, designed by architect Cass Gilbert, it was the tallest building in the world from 1913 to 1930, with a height of 792 feet.
  • Mickey and Minnie are decked out from head to toe in traditional
    holiday attire.

Mickey and Friends Exploring the Jungle

Eric Dowdle: Mickey and Friends Exploring the Jungle
Exploring the jungle with Mickey and Friends is meant to bring back those thrills of knowing mischief is around every corner followed by certain danger with a dash of doom and just s enough hope to know that everybody’s going to be OK. Mickey and friends show that If you can laugh, be daring and trust in each other, life can be a great adventure. Eric Dowdle

Key Points

  • Eyes peer out of the temple ruins in the background. How many sets of eyes do you see?
  • The lush jungle vegetation supports a variety of creatures great and small, including a chameleon, a variety of insects, a snake, birds, monkeys, and even a leopard and an elephant!
  • Donning classic safari gear, Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck and Daisy Duck take in the bold and awe-inspiring sights of the jungle.
  • How many monkeys can you find?
  • Whimsical details hide throughout the painting, including a beetle grasping onto a soccer ball, a leopard taking a cat nap, and toucan listening to his favorite tunes.


Which one of these Dowdle Art pieces is your favorite from the Disney Dowdle Collection?


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