Comments for Video: Galactic Veteran and War Hero Denied Service at Ronto Roasters on Batuu

Credit: ITM/ Bailee Abell


  1. Albert from Ronto's

    First of all, that “war hero” had no business being on Batuu in the first place. We Batuuans were just fine minding our own business, selling to gullible offworlders who didn’t mind paying extra for wraps. Before this incident, he would constantly harass the workers by banging on the cage, yanking on the meats hanging above our countertop, and even verbally accost us to the point of tears. If the Resistance is truly fighting for Batuuan freedom, they shouldn’t have brought the First Order in the first place!

  2. You mean, that the future Galactic citizens from the many Galaxy worlds did not learn anything from historic discrimination of world war countries before the end of time and their beginnings? Gee,

  3. Skylar Nelson

    It’s downright shameful, to not give a veteran an act of kindness after all they’ve done! Those servers on Batuu should be ashamed of themselves!

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