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"Black Widow"

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Eva

    No shade on Black Widow, but this character was not as treasured, developed, and beloved as Iron Man. He trained and nurtured others, and his character was much more developed than Black Widow’s. Personally, I didn’t feel nearly the heart-ache over her demise, because I hadn’t gotten to “know” her as well as I had Iron Man. Many other lesser characters were also not given much of a send-off. Iron Man is central to the Marvel Universe, and the director milked it! Perhaps this movie will bring Black Widow’s character into a more treasured roll, which will bring ALL fans to a place of wanting a more poignant moment to say good-bye. In this case, the post-credit scene will give them what they want.

  2. Claire

    They think they can get away with a too-little-too-late post-credit scene, in a different movie, a year after the fact? That they can have Natasha lead the Avengers ALONE for 5 years, then kill her off and just bring back the retired men to lead the heroes in battle after throwing a bench in a lake for the actual leader of the team? Hells no.

    Screw Marvel. They’ve made a total of 3-4 good films out of the 30+ films they’ve produced.

    The reason Black Widow is being released now, is because their former CEO flatly refused to cast a woman leading a solo film, and their current entire female cast is a bunch of stereotypical characters on the line for the fridge.

    They’re a bunch of sexist corporate idiots who make films to sell toys. They’re never seeing a penny out of my pockets ever again.

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