Comments for OpEd: After watching Rise of the Resistance’s Disneyland Debut, I get the issue with Childless Millennials

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    Matt Neimeyer

    Some of us have waited 40 odd years to ride a Star Wars ride. I’d argue that every kid of a millennial that gets on Rise of the Resistance is stealing a spot from someone that shouldn’t have to wait any longer.

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      Welcome to going opening day of a ride at a theme park! If you do not like waiting then do not go and wait do not complain! We are human kids included! I have kid whose sp needs so i realized like a smart adult he can not wait weather we have gac or not and decided to wait bc i knew he couldnt be put through it. You also have to look at it from a prospective that your not the only person alive whom planned a vaca around this ride hence your all not getting on it! Thats just how life works sorry to you and everyone else that blames all of us w kids bc guess what you also werent born an adult you were a child too! Disney parks were built upon all are welcome esp kids and the kids at heart not crabby adults that can not enjoy a good time!

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        Ummm, you missed the point. Matt was responding to the dumb article. Matt wasn’t the one that updated the horrible perspective that only people with kids get to enjoy life and live out their dreams of being a Jedi. How did you not get what Matt was saying? He refuted the point quite well by making his own point. He doesn’t have a problem with kids being there but if someone is saying adults cannot be there, they really need to think about another perspective. Fans have waited their whole lives into their 40s to ride a star wars ride because the movie came out in 1977. Many kids don’t value it the same way. He was saying that no one should be denied entry and made an excellent point for the reason adults have just as much right if not MORE OF A RIGHT to be there. He made his point. I hope you understand it. He’s right.

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        Matt Neimeyer

        Sorry if I wasn’t clear, the point I was trying to make wasn’t me being crabby but that saying “the kids deserve it more” could be flipped around to just as equally say “the kids deserve it less”.

        The only thing I’ll say that I *mean* to be crabby is that this article comes across as “Disney Shaming” Millennials for their love of Disney. (I’m about a decade too old to be a Millenial but I am childless and a Disney fan so close enough) Coming from a site that’s supposed to be about the Magic that seems wrong.

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          Oh yes. Like what does the author of this article expect was going to happen? Disney bars millenials from entering the park? From going on the ride? Millenials would all suddenly renounce Disney and go away and never go to Disney parks again? This article is absolutely disgusting and the author and website should feel bad for publishing it.

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          I was 23 when I went to the debut of Star Wars My friends and I waited in line for the next available showing.
          43 years later, my wife went to the MK a week after the opening of the ride. We got into the park at opening and our experience was just as described in the article and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed to be assigned to Group 119.
          We didn’t get on the ride.
          But we did meet Chewbacca and have our picture taken with him!

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        I am not a childless millennial but a Generation X’er. Children or not if you paid money to get into the park and you put in the time to get the boarding pass you have every right to ride if your kids couldn’t make it on take them on a day after all the Fanfare is gone. This was the most immature article ever, almost sounded like a little tantrum

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      Peter B Bergonzi

      I’m a Stan for Karens.
      P.S.–@Matt Neimeyer–Good observation.

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        I hate karens i am not one thank you for insulting just bc i have an opinion or i misunderstood but thank you matt for clarifying sorry i misjudged!

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      billy Ray Valentine

      Yea the Boomers invented Star Wars and they are not ok, they are dying in droves and running out time. Step aside kids.

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        Sweet Child

        Agreed If there’s any case to be made, the only adults/children ‘more important’ are those living on borrowed time.
        If a parent just HAS to be that hero then don’t give up until you succeed. Go for 2 days.
        The eagerness to find ROR unfair, too challenging and too much of a disappointment risk is ridiculous. Can’t get my head around this love/hate relationship. It’s not as hard to ride as people want to believe! Put it in perspective.

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      This is just gross, honestly. This part of the park, more than any other, was geared towards adults. Any children who got hyped up to ride this on the first day it opened were the victims of their thoughtless, selfish parents, not of “comicon cliches.”

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    If you want to get your child on it, today was probably not the day to do it. I know everyone’s excited. I’m lucky to have rode it on Batuu East a couple weeks back, but when I have kids opening day of an attraction is not something we will be doing. I did one for Guardians and that was enough for me. I feel for the people who got there at midnight, because their efforts didn’t matter. For peoples safety I like the online Q despite the possibility of my own future failure. Nonetheless excited to try my luck on Thursday

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    People who wake their kids up at 3am to be at a park at 4am when it opens hours later, to ride a ride that comes out that day, are doing it for themselves. Not for their kids.

    If they didn’t hype their kids up to begin with, then the kids wouldn’t be that disappointed.

    Things happen, and you can’t always get what you want. A responsible parent plans a trip at a time when they know they’ll have a better chance of being able to get their children what they want.

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      You are 100% right!
      We were pass holders to WDW, and my boys were well aware that if I didn’t score a FastPass to a certain ride, then we were skipping it. When Avatar came out in 2018, it took me months of constant trying on the app (an amazing benefit to WDW, let me tell ya) before we could ride it. I was not about to wait 3hrs with the kids! It was FP+ or nothing. I did get their Hope’s up once, when we were at rope drop for my oldest’s b-day, but even then it was almost a 2hr wait! Nope, not worth the waste of time – and my kids know that it’s better to ride/do more things than wait for 2hrs for something you can watch on YouTube anyway. And nope, I’m not a Karen, nor am I an entitled Millennial, I’m a realistic Disney mom.

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      Christie Valadez

      I agree with waiting maybe a year after the fanfare settles. But then they need to remove the boarding pass. Make it a regular max pass booking. I also believe people who have saved thousands and arnt locals should have priority. Locals should have a black out period to book. Only up to a year. After that its a max pass or get your ass in line. But this boarding pass issue is bogus. Everything I read Claims that it may remain a boarding pass required ride. Im disabled and not fast enough on the phone so I would never get an opportunity. Again. It needs to go to Max pass or stand in line.

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    William Martin

    Disneyland is not a right it’s a privilege.. life will go on if you cannot get on the ride ..

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    Yeah….another site I’ll tell my Google News feed to ignore forever.

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    This whole article is complete garbage.

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      Steven M McKinley


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      I would never take a child to an opening day event. If you’re going to take them opening day for ROTR and failing, then that’s bad parenting not on Disneyland. The children should be sleeping peacefully and getting ready for school the following morning. Sorry not sorry, as a parent I would wait because kids don’t like lines anyways, so why make them wake up at 4 or 5 AM for them to wait in the cold hours before the park opens on a school night?

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      Why don’t you teach your children to handle disappointment with a positive outlook and celebrate when others succeed instead? This article is a crap perspective, sorry to whomever wrote it. Also using opening day for validity was poor choice.

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    Seconded, Jim. Telling Google News to ignore this site from now on.

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      The childless millennials are the only ones who can stick out an early morning rush scenario like this. I would bet good money that there were very few families with small kids there this morning. Opening day at WDW, I saw maybe 6 kids total, most of whom were tweens. And all of them looked unhappy to be up early. The only way to make it “fair” the way you’re wishing it was fair would be to just do a standby line. And then you’re waiting 6 hours in line just like for FoP in its first year. But guess what? Kids hate waiting in line. At least with this system, if you don’t get in, you’re not wasting your whole day on one ride.

      Also, its day one and you’re overdramatizing for clicks and comments. You should have noticed how the process evolved over time at WDW. After the holidays, it’s been taking anywhere from 2-3 hours for those boarding groups to fill up. And on most days, they’re even getting through the backup groups.

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        Why don’t you teach your children to handle disappointment with a positive outlook and celebrate when others succeed instead? This article is a crap perspective, sorry to whomever wrote it. Also using opening day for validity was poor choice.

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        What bothers me most about this article is that HE WASNT EVEN THERE!!!! He is getting his information filtered through a source then acting like he was there. Like oh please. I had very little respect for this site already but this article made me lose all remaining respect I had for it!

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    It’s too bad there are literally no other rides or a second theme park at Disneyland, and RotR is the only thing available for anyone to do at the entire park… 🙄

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      I know! If only there was something to do in Disneyland. Maybe a Cars Land would be nice? A space coaster? Ooh, what about a log flume! They should have one of those!

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    Rides are for everyone. As someone with a background in theater production, I marvel at the detail and creativity put in to make this happen.

    What I don’t understand is childless adults getting photos with characters. You know it’s a college student in a costume. You’re making the line longer for kids, to get a photo with a stranger playing make believe. Go to a con and get photos with awesome cosplayers, and leave the costumed characters for the kids.

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      Some of us childless adults can’t have kids. So then what are we supposed to do? Be miserable? I’m going to stop and take a photo with any character I please.

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        How about we get the bloggers to stop going EVERY morning to “report” on boarding groups and taking them. Maybe then people with kids would be able to get a boarding group. Trust me, we are all well aware that they are going very quickly.

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      Steven M McKinley

      You’re actually suggesting that the best costumed characters that adults grew up loving and today’s kids barely know anything about are just for those ignorant kids? Are you 11 years old? Or just stupid?

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      Disney fur character performers are much more than “college kids in a costume”. While some may be college age, this is a legit performance job. Disney is not a mattress store opening or a flea market. Their performers are just that. Enjoying and interacting with those performers is no different than enjoying actors, musicians, and other artists younger than you.

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      As a former college student in a costume at Disneyland, I would say from experience, half the kids taking photos with costumed characters are more for the parents or the entertainment of the parent. It’s almost a generational tradition that the parent is trying to pass on their love of a specific character into their child. I would say, it was more of a rarity to find a child who absolutely loved the character I was portraying. Those were more special, and when that occurs, that character will spend extra time with that child regardless of the line to make the experience special, as opposed to the throw your child at the character, take the picture, sign the autograph book, and run.

      In other words, I’ve had plenty of crying kids thrust at me who obviously did not want anything to do with me. I’ve had plenty of kids who would only go to me with extra coaxing from the parents. I’ve also spent extended time trying to provide an intimate one-to-one interaction with a child who really wanted it. In the end, the performer is going to try to give the best performance to the one who really wants it regardless of age, and a sweeping statement that a costumed character is only for kids, but cosplayers are for adults is silly. Just looking at the length of lines that adults are willing to spend waiting for a photo opportunity with a specific character during one of Disney’s Specialty Nights is a clear example of the value that these characters are really special to individuals. Spending 2+ hours of a 6 hour event just to get a photo with a rare character, shows how much a specific character means to someone.

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    Is… is this satire?? Why bother going opening day of the ride and subjecting your kids to the potential disappointment?? Don’t blame millennials for the excitement surrounding a ride!! It’s not our fault you took your little Luke and Leia to the very first day the ride opened!!

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      Exactly, children under 13 also aren’t going to car if they go opening week or opening year. They just want to have fun and don’t care when it happens. This is just the parents being upset they couldn’t ride it and using their kids as an excuse to be upset.

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        Shut up, Karen.

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        As someone who is costumes character at a theme park. Some adults need us more then kids. Most kids are scared out of their minds and parents force their children to see us. I would rather see a grateful adult over a scared child anyday. And by the way it’s an acting job that we chose because we enjoy it. Don’t knock others jobs you have no idea what we have seen and who we help everyday.

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          Connie Krout

          Thank you. As a boomer, I get more excited to see Pluto than I’m sure many kids do. We are the generation that put Disney on the map!

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          Oh yes, my kids love it that I will wait in line for Belle and Aurora in Epcot, and if they don’t want to see a character, I’m not about to waste my time at the park to force them… Yes, it is totally the selfish parents who just want the pictures… and are upset when the kid isn’t smiling. But whatever, if the parents want to traumatize their kids for top dollar, that’s their problem.

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    Well said, kind sir! Here, here! I am child free and have waitedn40 years for a star wars ride. Literally none of my nephews cared to ride it. The original movie came out in 1977. The person that wrote this article is so cruel and clueless. Every adult has hopes and dreams. Every adult deserves to enjoy life. Not everyone wants kids. Many kids don’t appreciate star wars like adults do. Matt, you are a hero.

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    Just because someone is a childless millennial attending launch day doesn’t mean that they’ve refused to grow up. So many are hardworking adults that deserve their outlet of fun as much as anyone else and just because that’s Disney/Star Wars instead of happy hour or rampant sex doesn’t mean they’ve refused to grow up. Terrible comment and article.

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    I guess we can thank our soldiers who stormed Normandy Beach for the freedom that adults can be under a constant state of arrested development.

    Or be thankful that we hopefully don’t have to storm a beach again with young these men and woman who get excited over kiddie rides.

    I would hate to see the result of the latter…

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      Jeff Thomas

      My grandfather, who survived being shot through the neck leading a charge against the Nazis in the South of France, taught me saber fighting and how to shoot his bolt action rifle, loved Star Wars and thought the Return of the Jedi was the best film ever made. I wish he’d lived long enough to ride this ride, he would have been so excited.

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      I think you’re projecting too thoughtful and touching and interpretation for basic cranky entitlement.

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    Univers Al

    IT’S A RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of other attractions to go one.

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    you gotta be kidding me


    Maybe instead of blaming people who want to ride the same ride you do for your child’s disappointment, go on a day there won’t be an insane amount of people trying to ride that ride to avoid disappointing your child altogether… But I guess it’s easier to blame other people than confront your own poor decision making skills…..

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    Jennifer Kokoski

    I went to Disney World to ride rise of the resistance during New Year’s week. I spent a ton of money on my Disney hotel, park tickets and plane fare. I stayed up all night and got to the park on the first bus at 5:06 a.m. by the time I got there the place was packed with local residents. Disney Let everyone with a valid Park ticket get it at 6 a.m. and we all competed for our boarding groups. It was a good day and they were able to board everyone including the backup groups. Passes were still being handed out as late as 11 a.m. but I sure whined about opening the park to everyone not just Resort guests. That is one of the main incentives for staying onsite and spending an obscene amount of money.

    Rise is a different kind of Attraction for Disney. It is more of a 25-minute show or experience. So the rules are different in how to handle demand.

    Eventually everyone will have done it at least once and demand will Retreat to reasonable levels. I know for me I would do it once per trip. I wouldn’t want to do it too often because it would ruin it by making it a mundane experience.

    As for this okay Karen nonsense, it’s ageism at its worst. Gen Z years and Millennial should just grow up and stop playing the stupid name games. It’s you guys that have made Twitter a valid form of communication and news. It’s nonsense!!!!

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    This might be the dumbest article I’ve ever read- and I say that as a parent.

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    Q: Does the presence of so many childless adults at Disneyland lessen the experience for the traditional demographic—children with families? Yes. Does anyone without children care? No. Has that ship sailed long ago? Yes.

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      That’s your mindful rebuttal?

      And you wonder why the majority of guests find your demographic annoying?

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        And your response is why the other majority of guests find your demographic annoying- when you let your child run around disturbing others, using your stroller as a battering ram, your child blocking my view because you put your kid on your shoulders (how would you feel if adults did that in front of you?)

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          Yes…that IS equally annoying and there is no excuse for that either…and those parents are probably adults who are suffering from arrested development as well.

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    Guy in Fargo

    For grounded parents and kids it’s not a big deal.

    Kids and adults need to learn to roll with the punches.

    This is a chance to smile at your kid, maybe wipe away a tear, then get them excited about the next stop on the journey, making memories in a different way than you planned.

    One of the things I like best about Disneyland is that it’s not linear. A day, a trip never go quite as planned, but it’s the detours, the diversions that make it a fantastic place to be.

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    Crumb Stunkus

    Get bent, dorkwad

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    I have no sympathy for any parent that brought their child on opening day JUST to ride it. That is like promising them that Santa will bring them that toy that nobody can get their hands on….

    Responsible parents wait until the insanity dies down or risk the consequences of their decisions.

    TL:DR: Don’t blame the childless millennials. It’s not our fault the idiots chose to procreate.

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      Being childless does not mean that you have to act like a child eternally.

      You are also taking criticism like a child would.

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        Being childless also doesn’t mean you have to forego ever stepping foot in a Disney park after your 18th birthday.

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        You’re talking a lot of crap about “arrested development” when you’re probably a 40 year old man commenting on a Disney message board. Take a page from your own book pal.

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          Commenting on an article found on the internet as opposed to dressing up like a fake fantasy character and needlessly waiting hours and hours for a 5 minute ride.

          I will take that page out of that book any day.
          Now move out of the way…a three year old is waiting to take a picture with Donald, you have had your time.

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            Actually, Lorenzo, you’re the one being petulant, esp given the provocative and stupid article the original comment responded to.

            You also sound pretty dumb and full of stupid received wisdom.

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            There is nothing wrong with childkess millennials that want to ride this ride and they are not taking anything away from any three year old.

            This isn’t zero sum game, nobody is entitled to a spot in the park over anybody else.

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            Signed, a childless Gen Xer

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            Bojax…you are giving Gen X a bad name..

            Calling someone dumb and stupid sounds pretty child like.

            You proved my point…thanks! 🙂

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    I am what you would call ‘a childless millennial’ AND part of a ‘group of comic con cliches’.

    We planned. We read what to do. We got there at 7:00am. We waited, like everyone else, for the app to go live. We had the same chance to get a boarding time as ‘crybaby parents’ who whine about ‘Millennial’.

    Disneyland is not for families with children only. Disneyland is for everyone. Having grown up going to the park as a lucky SoCal Kid, Disney still is a fun entertainment part of my life.

    Might I argue- children ruin Disney for many others. I do not appreciate your strollers being used as battering ram. Your child screaming at the top of its lungs in my ears. Your selfishness when you place your child on shoulders and block my view of the fireworks. Or when your kid kicks me one too many times while we are sat along the curb to watch the parade.

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    Steven McKinley

    You’ve got to be just stupid. People pay to be ahead of you in line. It’s that’s simple. It’s called money, you moron. “I get why parents are upset with millennials who paid to be ahead of them in line, but I see why parents who feel that the fact that they bore children gives them some kind of right to preferential treatment….” It’s called pay, or don’t get to play, you socialist ignorant libtard

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    Jeffrey Weinstein

    This is a major new, highly anticipated addition to the park. Of course it will be overwhelmed for awhile. If a parent, or a childless person for that matter, wants guaranteed access they probably not have chosen to go to the grand opening. There are so many stupid, bratty, entitled adults these days!

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    The Misanthrope

    Welcome to capitalism, TJ. This your first time in America?

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    Want to make sure you can ride RotR? Wait until the frenzy dies down. Wait until it gets added to the FastPass/MaxPass system, then do it that way. That might not happen anytime soon, but that’s how you don’t disappoint your kids. This is coming from a Gen-Xer whose kids are grown. If you don’t want your children to be disappointed, don’t put them in a situation where that’s a likely possibility. Childless Millennials have just as much right to ride as your precious seven-year-old.

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    Pretzel Princess

    Part of parenting is managing expectations. If you were foolish enough to tell your kid about the ride, drag them to the park incredibly early, and promise them they’d get to do it… you’re gonna have a bad time. There are 2 other Star Wars rides in the park that had no wait when the boarding passes sold out, simply veer right to the BRAND NEW version of Star Tours, and your kid will be just as happy.

    When children are polled at the end of a Disney vacation, the overwhelming majority of them say that their favorite part of the trip is the hotel pool. So maybe just invest in an inflatable splash pool, and save yourself 500 bucks.

    Also, be nice to those “ComicCon cliches”, because if they aren’t yet, they’ll eventually be your boss.

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    The childless millennials are the only ones who can stick out an early morning rush scenario like this. I would bet good money that there were very few families with small kids there this morning. Opening day at WDW, I saw maybe 6 kids total, most of whom were tweens. And all of them looked unhappy to be up early. The only way to make it “fair” the way you’re wishing it was fair would be to just do a standby line. And then you’re waiting 6 hours in line just like for FoP in its first year. But guess what? Kids hate waiting in line. At least with this system, if you don’t get in, you’re not wasting your whole day on one ride.

    Also, its day one and you’re overdramatizing for clicks and comments. You should have noticed how the process evolved over time at WDW. After the holidays, it’s been taking anywhere from 2-3 hours for those boarding groups to fill up. And on most days, they’re even getting through the backup groups.

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    ok boomer

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    🤨 Maybe you can tell your kids that life is hard and you don’t always get what you want, but you have to fight for it anyways.

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    Entitled breeders need to learn the world doesn’t revolve around their spawn.

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      Entitled millennials need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them either. It actually revolves around the sun.

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        Nice PeeWee retort, but the post you are responding to is appropriate given the smug, insulting tone of the article.

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        Shut the hell up

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          You are sounding just like a three year old having a tantrum.

          Have a real discussion instead of playground insults.

          If it is not true…you have nothing to be mad at…

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            Don’t tone police me, you disingenuous pearl-clutcher.

            You ain’t nobody’s gatekeeper.

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    If I had kids, I wouldn’t bring them to opening day. That’s the stupidest thing ever. Even as a childless millennial, I am not going to go. Im going to wait until things calm down. If your child can’t accept that as an answer, then you need to rethink your parenting. I pay good money to go to the park and I will ride any damn ride that I please.

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      Wow. The first thing you need to understand TJ, is that Star Wars existed before you were born. This was a part of MY childhood first and my family has grown up with Star Wars all our lives. We will definitely rejoice around ANYONE if we get our boarding pass and not feel any guilt. Any parent who takes children to an OPENING day of a ride is well aware of the fact that they either have to wait hours to get in or in this case, may not get in at all (as it’s been advertised and talked about for some time now). As a young child, I couldn’t even afford to go to Disney every month or couple weeks like I can now and that was disappointing for me. I had to understand that it just wasn’t possible and move on. I didn’t blame everyone else with more money for it because it’s not their fault. It is what it is. Star Wars has always and will always have a more adult fan base. It belonged to us first and that will never change. We are just as passionate, dare I say way more, about it as your child is starting to become now. Children need to be taught that not everything in life works out sometimes. It’s hard, of course. You don’t want to seem like the bad parent, but not teaching them about disappointment is worse. Instead of complaining and pointing fingers and others who want to be there just as bad as your kids or yourself, and also may not be lucky enough as yourself to have children in the first place, why don’t you plan your vacation a little better on a NON opening day and sit down and talk to your kids about lifes disappointments. There’s going to be a lot of them so they might as well start learning about it now.

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    I took a group of 17 teenagers, 7 adults and 3 children to Hollywood studios on Day 3 of the ride here in Florida. All of them got to ride. How you say? Because I made sure the entire group was onsite at 5:15AM for a 7AM park open.

    Now, I am not suggesting that is what you should have too do. But logistics stated that that day was going to be the only day that some of those kids would have to ride in their lifetime. (They were from out of the country). So. To accomplish what I want we had to accommodate the system.

    Essentially on that day, the gates opened at 6:30. We were in the park at 6:40. There were easily 6,000 people there at 6AM And the virtual queues opened at 7. We got our passes at 7:02. Numbers 88,89. By 7:20, they were all gone.

    I chalk it up to first week. If it wasn’t for this particular group, I would have waited a month to go and would have been fine.

    So no. I will not apologize. Give it time and it will calm down.

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    So, a ridiculous woman said something stupid and mean over a year ago, and people feel like constantly giving her attention and a broader forum are the way to go? Why is a childless 20 year old at Disney is worse than a childless 40, 60 or 80 year old? I’m in my fifties so maybe I’m just too old and out of touch to understand why using a phrase that is divisive and unkind is productive. People’s age is pretty much the least interesting or important thing about them and the least constant.

    Other than that I hear what you’re saying and get it.

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    This is a bad article. I can’t believe you wrote this.

    Signed, a millennial with 3 kids.

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    Couldn’t read this whole article seriously after the blatant disregard for reality. Opening day for any ride at Disneyland is doomed to fill capacity in a short amount of time, subjecting a kid to that and feeling that your disappointment of not getting a chance to ride and subsequently passing that unrealistic expectation onto a child is the whole reason kids grow up entitled and over priveleged in the “participation trophy” era. Don’t take a kid to opening day and take responsibility in raising your child to be able to handle generic life experiences instead of blaming people for generic life experiences.

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      If it wasn’t childless millennials then it would have been other parents that planned better than you. There’s always going to be a huge crowd of Disney fanatics excited about the new thing. Blaming one group because you were too slow is pathetic. Next time wait until the hype dies down before promising your child the moon.

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    Honestly, I feel like there is a lot wrong with this opinion piece.
    First, I think it is a good thing to teach your kids that they can’t always get what they want in life. If kids think you are a failure because you couldn’t get on a ride when thousands of other people were trying to get on as well, then you raised your kids wrong. I remember going on a trip to New York and standing in line for over an hour in front of a Broadway play hoping to get some standby tickets, only for our family to get to the front and be told the last ticket had just been sold. It was disappointing (especially after investing all that time), but my parents didn’t freak out, and I never thought they were failures. Instead, we went and had a great time exploring Central Park, and I think had even more fun there than we would have spending hours in play.
    Second, blaming others for the problem is never a solution and is teaching your children to feel like they were wronged rather than simply acknowledging the fact that a theme park ride has capacities and you didn’t arrive early enough to qualify. Children want and need the truth, and in the end will respect you more if you kindly level with them, rather than act like you are entitled to get on a ride and were denied because of those rotten ‘childless millenials.’ With things like this, you should always have a plan B, and often they can be just as fun and memorable as the plan A would have been.

  38. Avatar


    Absolute rubbish. Disney is for everyone, where everyone is equal. I can’t believe this article exists. I’ll remove this site from my RSS now, thanks

  39. Avatar

    Gonna leave this here and add, it’s not just for kids. “You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” – Walt Disney

  40. Avatar


    Congratulations, you just found yourself in the perfect situation to teach your children that you don’t always get what you want and that it’s okay. It doesn’t have to ruin your experience or your day.

  41. Avatar


    So let me get this straight. The author was disappointed in not shooting a duck on Opening Day as a child and makes up two imaginary children who are disappointed that he wasn’t fast enough to get into a boarding group on the Disney App, which he blames on the childless millennials on the screen as he watches from Florida. He then writes a scathing article to said fellow childless millennials who’s celebrating made his imaginary children cry from across the country. OK Millenial.

    1. Avatar


      I am a millennial. We don’t claim this man. He is an abnormality, a cry baby, and an awful opinion piece writer.

  42. Avatar


    There are inherent problems for both sides Of this coin here. We need to remember that on opening day Walt stated: “To ALL who come to this happy place welcome.” and “Disneyland is your land. “ there were no limitations placed on either of those statements. So, parents, if you don’t want to disappoint your kids, don’t get their hopes up. Just tell them that you are going to Disneyland and then try to get into a boarding group without them knowing what’s going on. That way if you get in, great, and if not then there is no harm done. If they find out about the ride and you didn’t get in, all you should have to tell them is the ride is sold out for the day and we’ll ride it some other time. If you’ve taught your kids that they can’t always get what they want, that should be enough for them.

    Childless people if you’re going to a place that has a lot of attractions geared towards anyone including small children, you should expect there to be a lot of small children. If you find children to be annoying then you’re really the only one to blame for going to kid Mecca and expecting to not get annoyed. Six Flags and Knotts Berry Farm aren’t that far away and you will find far less small kids there because the rides are geared more to teens and adults.

    As far as the stroller bashing and other similar behavior goes it’s not the kids fault, it’s the parents fault. Let’s be honest, between childless millennials and parents of small kids who are themselves most likely millennials as well, we have an entitlement problem with our generation and we all just need to take a chill pill, calm down, and roll with the punches as they come while choosing to still have fun regardless.

    For example last time I went to the park with family last year we were walking towards a ride and two of our group of five were about five feet ahead and so made it to the line, which was extending out of the actual entrance, just before us. Two entitled millennials got in between us and we walked past them to join our group. They then proceeded to put up a fuss about how we had cut ahead of them and we explained that we were joining our group and that they had just gotten in between us because of the crowds. If they had just chilled out they would have realize that their wait would maybe be ten seconds longer which isn’t a big deal and the situation could have been avoided.

  43. Avatar


    “And it was because a group of childless millennials refused to grow up and took up all the space.”

    This comment is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. And you should feel bad about it.

  44. Avatar


    I think this point of view is so silly. Every group rather 20 year old or a family of 4 have an equal chance to get a boarding group. A group of Millenials has no advantage over another. Why is the Disney parks fan base trying to create drama where there doesn’t need to be any. Families and millennials go to the parks all the time and probably don’t get to ride every attraction they wanted to for a variety of reasons. This is no different.

  45. Avatar


    Dear boomers and Karens,

    I’m sorry that most of us in my generation are too poor to have our own kids and our own homes unlike you. Sorry we like to do fun things when we can afford them. Sorry that means you have to share the experience with us lowly millennials whom you hate so much.

    Shouldn’t you be mowing your lawn or taking care of your garden (I’m jealous) since you’re lucky enough to have purchased a home back when they were affordable instead of mocking your children’s generation? Maybe buy another Harley Davidson?

    Another childless millennial

    1. Avatar


      I think we need a different name than Karen. We aren’t all bad 😕

  46. Avatar


    I honestly thought this was a joke at first. Someone wrote this and it was approved? Getting a spot in line really only boils down to luck and if there aren’t “childless millennials” waiting for a spot it’s another family with kids. This is actually a good lesson to teach your children, if you don’t get a spot in the line queue, it’s “oh well, we did what we could and we will try again another time, no big deal.” How dare you blame a group of people because you didn’t get on the ride OPENING DAY. They are just as excited as you are and maybe even bigger fans of Star Wars than you are. Star Wars fans and Disney fans come in all shapes, sizes, and ages and how dare you contribute to the narrative that only people with children are important at Disney. Walt Disney creates DL and WDW for EVERYONE. I’m ending my subscription to this newsletter. What a joke.

  47. Avatar


    Yikes. Won’t be coming back here anytime soon.

  48. Avatar


    Thought it was satire but nope, the writer is just a ___________. You fill in the blank.

  49. Avatar


    While I understand what this article meant to say, the choice of wording here and unnecessary comments about either party you defended/blamed were incredibly poor ways to deliver your message.
    I’ve been a fan of your videos/your articles over any other theme park channel since I was a teenager around 10 years ago but as I’m now a “walking comic con cliche” in your eyes for existing/liking something that originally was probably meant for adults in the first place [unless you consider slave leia family friendly content…], I think it’s time I support the other big channel. Star Wars, now a film for all ages, was quite literally the poorest choice to make this statement on outside of pretzels. This would have made more sense with any other Disney property, but not Star Wars.
    Despite that, just as in the pretzel incident, it’s again worth noteing: that this is just an example of life being unfair. Walt understood better than anyone that in every adult, there’s a kid. I bet he would have been happy that the audience of today is way more enthusiastic about celebrating that inner child than they were in his times. I bet he would have been pleased to see how there are equal parts families and the young at heart in the parks. You shame him by suggesting that every adult who got into the opening day of an attraction should feel bad for getting in over a kid when that ride could have easily just been filled with kids only and other kids still couldn’t get in. Any kid who missed out is lucky to even be in Disneyland in the first place! Just as the adults are. Do you think every adult there is a cali native? Do you think every one of them grew up with Disneyland in their backyard? Maybe you’ve been going to the parks for too long to realize that it’s rare for a LOT of people to go more than once. I would bet there were fans who flew there for the opening, and they have every right to celebrate getting in.
    The world ain’t perfect, someone will always miss out on something and that is quite literally no ones fault in the case of a ride that only exists in two places currently.

    Signed, SoCal Attractions 360’s newest dedicated fan. [Enjoy your revenue drop.]

  50. Avatar


    I’ve been a Star Wars fan longer than your kids have existed. Don’t act like your choice to procreate makes you some kind of VIP. Yeah, most of us there at 5am are childless… Don’t like it? Take the little buggars to Magic Kingdom.

    1. Avatar


      Right on and well spoken!

  51. Avatar


    It is GOOD for children to lose sometimes!!! Learning how to lose properly as a child helps to make the inevitable losses in adulthood easier to take and teaches children to work harder for the things they want.

    “To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past…and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.“

  52. Avatar

    Myle Kartino

    Disneyland is for everyone. If you’re going to be upset that you and your kids didn’t get on the ride, that’s your own problem. You are no more entitled to a ride than the person who got the spot. Ridiculous that there is always someone to pin the blame on. Get over it

  53. Avatar


    Smart parents would have properly (and overly) warned their kids first about it being unlikely. Even smarter parents would have waited a few weeks. Don’t feel bad, but love your empathy.

  54. Avatar


    When you step through those gates at Disney, everyone is a child, regardless how long you’ve been on the planet. I’ll wait to bring my children in several months when riding it is not a gamble.

  55. Avatar

    Joe Bonomo

    Well, as a childless BOOMER, I brought a bunch of folks to WDW to experience the Star Wars Galaxy in OCT 2019. All my friends either had no kids, OR, they were all older and out of the house. Got up at 5:00 AM to get to Hollywood Studios at 6:00 AM so we could be herded like cattle (literally) into the Star War Galaxy area. Some people had newborns with them, some had kids ins strollers (are you kidding me?) (at this hour!!!). There were of course millennials, complaining, as usual, that the government was not paying for their WDW trip. the COMICON/BURNINGMAN types, Star Wars Freaks, but it turned out to be a good time. Have I let people with kids ahead of me on line, yes, it is hard to “Pay It Forward” but it is up to the individual to extend charity and understanding at the one on one level.

  56. Avatar

    Matt Brewster

    I am well aware of how the Fast Pass system works, but this new system makes no sense to me! Why can’t guests simply book their visit to the park in advance, using their phone? At the same time, they could request access to whatever popular attn. they want to experience. If what they want is available the computer would grant their visit. Isn’t that simple? And, nobody would leave the park disappointed ever again!

  57. Avatar


    The best time to delete this article was before posting it. The second best time is now.

  58. Avatar


    This is an absolutely terrible article… You contradict yourself so many times and I truly think you just wanted the attention. Disneyland and world is a place for all ages to express themselves and be children. No parent with a small child is entitled to anything a teenager isn’t. For some college kids they are going for the very first time because their families Couldn’t afford to take them as kids. They deserve to have the best experience. You don’t know anyone’s situation so please don’t post ignorant articles.

  59. Avatar


    This opinion piece is actually pointless and was written just to get attention.

  60. Avatar

    Frank Mondana

    orrrr- If getting your kids on the ride is vital, maybe don’t go on opening day.

  61. Avatar

    Bad Writing Bad Logic

    I work harder than your kids to afford to go to Disneyland.
    Kids should be banned.

  62. Avatar


    I think this writer should be fired 💁🏻‍♀️

    1. Avatar


      For what?

      Do you want to burn books that you don’t agree with as well?

  63. Avatar


    The fact the article was voicing for a “Karen” – a female and written by a male is wrong on so many levels and additionally the ride Height level requirement means that the youngest rider is going to be at least 5-7 years old. That makes it more of a young adult, tween an adult ride. The little kids crying that they couldn’t ride were crying anyway because they are too short to ride.

  64. Avatar


    Well here it is, the stupidest thing I’ve read all day. What a waste of time for you writing this and for me having to read it.

  65. Avatar


    Maybe they should just hand out participation trophies to the kids so the millennial parents don’t have to teach life lessons. What a dumb article.

  66. Avatar


    There is nothing wrong with childkess millennials that want to ride this ride and they are not taking anything away from any three year old.

    This isn’t zero sum game, nobody is entitled to a spot in the park over anybody else.

  67. Avatar


    Can someone ban Lorenzo’s stupid arse from posting his inane blathering in this thread? He’s probably a TJ sock.

    1. Avatar


      I am sure you like to ban books too…right?

      Calm down…and have a frozen banana while riding the teacups.

      1. Avatar


        You aren’t very good at analogies, are you? Considering the faux-affected garekeeping you’ve done though this thread, including invoking relatives fighting Nazis, you don’t get to pretend you’re “above” this

        You’re so dumb.

  68. Avatar


    If your opinion is anything other than “this is a profoundly stupid article and the author should probably find another vocation”, let me know so I can ensure I never meet you IRL

    1. Avatar


      So everyone has to agree with you?

      That’s not very Disney like.

  69. Avatar


    Author: I want to piss off my readers in exchange for extra views and engagement.

    That’s how you get blocked on Google News.

  70. Avatar


    Oh calm down… your kid missing out on a ride, isn’t going to kill them, or ruin their day. In the words of Walt Disney, “this is your land.” Meaning it belongs to EVERYONE, young and old alike. Would you tell an elderly couple that they need to get out of line, because they need to “grow up” so your spoiled brat children, can ride a ride? And complain the entire time they are waiting in line for said ride.

    There are many other vacation destinations other than Disneyland. You could easily take your kids elsewhere, if you don’t want to deal with childless (Childfree) millennials.

    Imagine being to privileged and entitled, that you felt the need to write an article talking down an entire group of people, just because some kid couldn’t go on a ride? GTFO!

    Sincerely, a Childfree millennial.

  71. Avatar

    Childless Millennial

    Hide Stories from Inside the Magic

  72. Avatar

    Billy Ray Valentine

    Wow, you produced offspring and feel entitled to a priority experience over someone who chose not to continue overpopulating the planet.

    Maybe those childless Millennials didn’t have a dad to take them to Disney…and now they are living their dream on their own terms.

    Now I am glad you didn’t get the boarding group because your sense of entitlement needs to be checked. Maybe your kids won’t grow up to be entitled jackasses like their role model.

  73. Avatar

    Michael Carrato

    The kids are at Disneyland. Isn’t this pity just a little bit misplaced?

  74. Avatar

    Childless person who happens to be a millennial

    Childless Millennial here. I did my homework and prepared for the ride. I woke up at 4am, arrived at 5:30am, made the line and entered the park along with many others including families with young kiddos who I kept hearing that needed to go potty break and their grownups would not let so they didnt lose their spot in line. My app crashed when the boarding passes opened so I ran to get help from guest services and got a spot. I dont understand this article. So childless people who happen to be millennials have to give up their spots on rides so families with kids can? Wait, every single person at the park, with or without kids are given the same fair chance to get passes. This person sounds like my angry elders sister who uses her kids to get away with poo poo, just saying.

  75. Avatar


    This is literally the dumbest article I’ve ever read

  76. Avatar


    Even if no childless person were competing for the queue, some parent would have to tell their kids they wouldn’t be riding. If it’s that important, schedule your visit when the park attendance is lower. That is all.

  77. Avatar


    Ok boomer

  78. Avatar


    “And it was because a group of childless millennials refused to grow up and took up all the space.”

    I’m sorry but first of all, more people are having kids later in life. Someone not having kids in their 20’s is actually more appropriate than just having one for the sake of “growing up”. And since when does growing up equate to having children? It’s this mindset that is truly hurtful to society.

    I’m 30 years old and according to you, I’ve “not grown up” because I don’t have children, but I’ve spent time working my way through a degree, establishing my business, and creating for myself a much more stable life than my tumultuous childhood.

    I’m doing just fine without your red tinted lenses you’re seeing me through in your own frustration.

  79. Avatar


    Virtually queues are denying us the right to waste 4 to 6 hours standing in line waiting for a new ride that will probably breakdown 10 times before I get to ride on it! Seriously, I love opening day more than most but I’m willing to take my chances with the smart device roulettes. If I don’t get a boarding pass, there’s a whole park to explore. And if your not passholder, plan your trip for later when the crowds are less. Hey Disney , have an after hours passholder event to get rid of some of us! And offer a Star Wars tour for $100s that guaranteed entry early morning

  80. Avatar


    I guess I understand why you felt like writing this article but beyond temporarily relieving your guilt about being a childless adult nerd with some perhaps questionable priorities, what was the point of publishing this? You’re obviously going to annoy your fellow millennials, but then at the end you insult the specific boomer you supposedly “get” now and then dismiss their concerns entirely anyways. You didn’t offer any resolution, like a function of these parks that panders specifically to children or something like that, you literally just “hey, sorry for sitting at the kids table at the expense of letting the kids eat, but I’m not gonna stop or switch to the adult table and I don’t actually feel all that bad about it”. Your function is to make me click on stuff that makes me look at ads so your boss makes money, but is it too much to ask for these articles to say something besides just a person complaining about personal issues?

  81. Avatar


    If it changed back to first come first served then almost 100% of those families with little kids would be out of the running since people would be camping out overnight, something most families with little kids couldn’t do.

  82. Avatar


    If it changed back to first come first served then almost 100% of those families with little kids would be out of the running since people would be camping out overnight, something most families with little kids couldn’t do. With this system they now at least have a chance.

  83. Avatar


    I’m a teacher, and I have to say that saying “No” to children does not ruin their childhood. As a matter of fact, delayed gratification is one of the most powerful lessons a parent can gift their child (see the Marshmallow Experiment studies; psychologists agree!). Yes, it would utterly suck in the moment, but you know what? It’s more reflective of real life. We don’t always get what we want, we don’t always come first, we don’t always end up where we expect. Teaching a child to wait also teaches them to grow and be patient. Showing them that amazing, fantastic memories can be built doing something other than what you originally intended builds resilience in their souls. I am not a childless millennial, and I’ve been around the block enough to know that when we give kids everything they demand in the moment they want it, we stunt their growth and rob them of valuable life lessons which will help them more in the long run.

  84. Avatar


    A lot of First World people don’t realize this, but life in general is not fair. Whether we’re talking about a Mickey pretzel or missing out on a theme park ride or dying of cancer at the age of ten. Welcome to Earth, where childhood doesn’t entitle you any more than anyone else.

    No one of any age or demographic is entitled to a day at Disney, or to a specific Disney experience. There were people of every age who waited in line for this ride and didn’t make the cut. There are people who would love to eat at Club 33 and will never be able to. That’s life, and the sooner that one learns that life is fickle and some things are up to chance, the sooner they can learn to enjoy the experiences they DO get to have.

    You know, rather than growing up to be a hypocritical prude who makes multiple trips to Disney World, claims there’s “nothing wrong” with childless adults spending time at Disney, and then writes a whole article on how when he observes other adults doing the same as he does it “makes him mad”.

  85. Avatar


    Don’t feel bad for us. We Disney-goers with kids are the only ones that get Fast Pass tickets for rides that don’t have Fast Passes. It’s called Child Swap. We use it to ride Smuggler’s Run without the hour plus wait. Not sure how it will work for the new ride, but meh, we get perks of our own, so don’t worry about us, we’re doing fine.

  86. Avatar


    Star Wars debuted in 1977. I’m trying to understand a world where it would make any sense at all that kids born in 2010 or so should somehow get priority on opening day for a ride aimed at super fans of a 40+ year old backstory.

    And I say this as the parent of two kids. People shouldn’t make silly, unrealistic promises to their children. It’s like promising your kids seats behind home plate at the World Series before your team made it.

  87. Avatar


    You’ve got to be kidding me!

    So this guy thinks spots should only be reserved for kids because they will get disappointed if they don’t get in?

    Boo freaking hoo! We can’t always get what we want in life. So we have to learn to accept that.

    Plus the majority of small kids don’t even care about star wars (kids under 7). So what’s wrong with people who are actually Star Wars fans getting in?

    This screams everything that’s fun and cool is only for kids. And I am NOT here for that mentality.

    Millennials and older star wars fans have been fans of the franchise for YEARS! Decades even! They should be allowed to enjoy it too.

  88. Avatar


    If parents didn’t want to risk telling their kid that, then they did not have to plan to go opening weekend. If anything, it’s a poor decision on the parents to take their small children to a place where essentially a mob of fans occurs. It’s a poor decision for parents to put their kids in the position where they might be disappointed. If anything childless millennials should be going opening weekend, and families should stay away for a couple of weeks.

  89. Avatar


    I am almost 40 and the internet won’t give me a concrete answer on whether I am a Millennial or gen xer. Either way I am childless and would love to visit this park to experience the star wars attraction. Your article made me feel like I wouldn’t be and shouldn’t be welcomed if I did go. Fortunately 95% of the people commenting on your article disagree with you. I am going to wait another yr before I do visit but when I do visit I will make sure to make eye contact with all the sad faces of the people whose lives I am ruining by going on a ride without a child.

  90. Avatar


    I told my kids we probably won’t get on it but you’ll get a great day at Disneyland and be thankful for that alone. We did get a BP but I didn’t let them whoop it up in respect of those that did not.

  91. Avatar


    I think the author should have said that Disneyland has a LOCAL millennial problem… That is the real issue. I’ve been to DL a few times and have noticed most guests are 18-20-somethings from local areas. Raising prices on APs didn’t help. They need to raise them again!

  92. Avatar


    Can people without kids stop giving advice about kids? thanks

  93. Avatar


    I get what the writer was trying to say. As a mother and a grandmother, it’s heartbreaking when you save and plan for something only for your child to have a broken heart. It’s easier for an adult to UNDERSTAND than for a child. HOWEVER, it is a teachable moment that benefits them for the rest of their lives. Patience, understanding, let downs, being happy for someone else’s good fortune. SO MANY things a child can learn. So parents, teach your kids. Parentless adults, be a little more empathetic.

    Our first trip to Disney with our kids was MUCH. MUCH different than our last trip with our kids. If truth be told, Disney has become a nightmare!

  94. Avatar

    Michelle D

    As many stated, if you have kids, opening day of a new ride is NOT a good day to come. This goes for ANY ride – Star Wars or otherwise. WDW is going to be getting a new Mickey and Minnie ride the first Wednesday of March. Notice – school is in session that day. Even Disney plans openings to coincide with school schedules to allow families to come on less stressful and crowded days. The vloggers, college students and others wanting to stay up or wake up very early can do that, but the kids can wait until summer when lines will, most likely, be more easily managed. No, I don’t understand Karen’s…unless it is simply being compassionate to another human being who was, simply put, rather stressed. That compassion should be everywhere, not just in Disney.

  95. Avatar


    If the worst thing in your day was that you or your kids (or anyone in your party) didn’t make it to a SUPER POPULAR ride based on a SUPER POPULAR franchise at a SUPER POPULAR park on OPENING DAY, then thank whatever deity is around that you don’t have real problems. And that your kids are alive and healthy enough to be at a theme park, let alone on opening day, let alone to attempt riding Rise of the Resistance.

  96. Avatar

    This news was really an informative one because after reading this full article you will know about the whole story.

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