Comments for Disney’s 2020 Oscar Nominations: “The Lion King”, “Avengers: Endgame”, and more

Oscars 2020

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    These are truly all over and disappointing…
    While i love ts4 better than ts3 i am sorry it won an award step aside for better movies like frozen 2 and dragons 3 i mean seriously! I also knew Downey jr would never get a nod just bc action films dont see much more than side awards. But it truly is ashame he was amazing and always was as ironman!

  2. Thomas

    I think the biggest shocker is that ‘Frozen II’ hasn’t been nominated for Animated Feature. And the very few nominations that ‘The Lion King’ got and the snub of ‘Aladdin’ in Best Song perhaps shows that sequels and remakes aren’t as necessary as people think – I know ‘Toy Story 4’ got two nominations which I’m thrilled about, but I think it’ll be a bit of a knee-jerk to see that the only nomination ‘Frozen II’ got was for one of the songs, and not even one of the better songs in the film (Lost in the Woods and Show Yourself being far superior songs). On a side note, while I preferred ‘Speechless’, yet preferred ‘The Lion King’, I’m surprised ‘Spirit’ wasn’t nominated purely for the Beyonce performance on the night that would have come with it.

  3. Mol

    Frozen song performance on Oscars has no Chinese? Discrimination…

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