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Bob Iger and Mickey Mouse

Credit: Forbes


  1. Darth Succession

    Oh, oh! Pick me! Pick me!

    Or if not me, they should pick Kathleen Kennedy. She’s made them billions and – and porgs!

    1. This is a joke, right? Kennedy has done more damage to Star Wars and its fanbase. Nope. Her man-hating agenda is just the reason why fans feel alienated. I don’t trust her to run a company anymore. She had an opportunity to faithfully work on Star Wars for the fans, and instead, she makes the legacy characters (mostly men) look bad to prop up the new characters (e.g. the one-dimensional Rey), she hires directors who play it too safe (e.g. JJ Abrams) or risk too much that hurt the story (e.g. Rian Johnson), and she hires people who don’t care about the source material and proceed to rewrite how the Force works. It has been one huge mess. I don’t want that to happen again. Not to Disney. They deserve better.

      A real leader would care about their audience and not lash out at them if they’re dissatisfied. A real leader would try to release products that cater to anyone of any age. A real leader would try to have good male and female characters in their stories who are written well to make audiences relate to and root for them. A real leader would also stand up to anyone in their staff who troll a fanbase and fire them. Not Kennedy. She is no leader.

      1. Darth Sucession

        Fine, fine… if Disney needs a CEO who we all know will be available in 2024, they should just pick Trump.

        There, better?

        1. BobIger

          Better than Kathleen Kennedy

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