Comments for Update: Walt Disney World Rides Closing for Refurbishment in 2020

Big Thunder Mountain Roller coaster


  1. Debbie

    Soooo bummed about Splash Mountain! We have planned our trip for a year, its our first time being back since 2007, and our first time taking our kuds 3 and 7. Splash Mountain is my favorite and i was so looking forward sharing this with my kids! Very sad!

  2. Paul

    I am ? since we planned our WDW vacation during the 1st & 2nd week in May 2020. My all time favorite ride at WDW, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, ⛈ ? ? ?, is being refurbished. I am rescheduling my WDW vacation due to this refurbishment schedule.

  3. Emelda

    We are coming on February 2-8 and Test Track is close! We are very disappointed!

  4. Christina calandro

    Main Street USA and flash point will be closed when I am there I been planning my trip for 2 years now I am very upset about this! We will be there from January 26th through February 2nd. Verrery dissapionted I have not been to Disney since 2001 and was very excited to experience these very sad and upset I hope this changes :…(

  5. Trey

    Spaceship Earth was supposed to be closing at the beginning of 2020. Did that change?

  6. Big Reg

    Your pages are so full of adverts it’s hard to make out what’s going on at all!

  7. Chris

    This is not only disappointing, but makes me angry with these closing. We are DVC members, pay thru the nose like everyone else… when Disney decides to refurbish, should substitute another attraction … even if temporary… I’m sorry.. pay way too much to have attractions closed.

  8. Harley

    SSE should be added to this soon as its going down march till 50th reopen!

  9. Dani

    When will the 2nd half schedule be released

  10. Nathalie

    We are coming the 14 till 23 of febr and last time i didn’t have time to go to splash mountain and it closed and the fast trek and first time at animal kingdom?

  11. Christine

    My seven year is crushed. He’s been dreaming of a Disney vacation since he was three. We’re finally able to provide it to him and just learned about test track and main Street railroad being closed. He’s so bummed.

    1. There is a good chance you can still ride the WDW RR. Y’all just won’t be able to board or disembark at the Mainstreet station. It is not uncommon for MK to close one station but leave the rest open.

  12. Jennifer

    It rained in 2016 when we were last at EPCOT so I was looking forward to getting on Test track for the first time in 2 weeks when we return.?

  13. kim

    I must enjoy the irony of this. I watched Swiss Family Robison on Disney Plus. Had never been in the tree house at DW the 5 times I’ve been to Disney World (maybe when I was four and went with my dad but I don’t remember it). Although I’ve never been interested in that attraction, I wanted to see it since I had seen the movie. Now the week we talked about going back again—well, that is the week it is shut down for refurb. I might be the only person in history to reschedule a trip in order to see the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House!!!!!!

  14. NENolan

    I was contemplating a May trip but now glad I didn’t plan one. TMR is a must-do on our next trip as I missed it the last couple of times. I’m hoping this is not something Disney will do every year at the same time because 2021 I’m planning on a May trip. I’m also hoping Disney will shuttle the WDRR between Frontier and Fantasy lands sometime this year.

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