Comments for “The Mandalorian” has a special tie-in with “The Rise of Skywalker”

mandalorian rise of skywalker tie in

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Matthew Weiland

    It’s probably a clone connection – Baby Yoda is a clone, as is the returning Emperor Palpatine

    1. Mark

      I think palpatine spirit is still thinking hes alive and like a good capt went down w the ship aka the 2nd death star… i would hope its all short lived or just a ploy for trailers! I mean look how useless snoke was and we all thought he was the next emperor.
      Anyways i wonder if it has to do w zorda aka keri russell characters shes supposedly mandalorian or rumor has it as much as well all thought we saw the ghost next to the falcon w another beloved mandalorian on it aka sabine. There could be a slew on answers w this being a wrap up and jj pulling from everywhere to do it. Just saying… and yes i am new to the fandom but these are just some thoughts also bc clones being the answer for everything as an outsider its the weakest excuse in the book i thought star wars was smarter than this!

      1. Harley

        I am not sure about planpatine but i agree w ya mark clones is like cheap way out if this is supose to be the BIG ending of everything i do not want it be clones again! Then why make this big deal out of anything then half of us could say we can write something better! Heck after the last movie i know i can actually the writers whom created the stories for the books for batuu are even better writers and paint a more vivid picture than 8 did!

  2. Matty T

    Boba Fett is the rival. Calling it now.

    1. Optimus Prime

      Boba Fett was killed in Return of the Jedi when he fell into the Sarlac Pit.

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