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Anakin and Padme, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Kelvington

    I always wonder why Anakin never could sense the TWO babies Padme was carrying? Did he never use to the force to see what she was carrying? Did he never reach out, even while sleeping to see his unborn kid(s)? Are there no ultrasounds in the SW universe?

    1. Mason

      Bruh he knew she was pregnant it’s just he thought she died before she gave birth.

      1. Jun

        No, he was mind whammied by ole Hideous. He did not have libertarian free will from the point of “We will watch your career with great interest,” until he tossed Palps down the reactor core.

        1. Dave

          Can you say reach? This article is dumb. Completely ignores Sideous’ dark side influence over the course of events listed. The whole premise of the series is that Vader became a slave to the dark side and the emperor’s will until Luke saved him in episode 6. Sure Anakin had his faults but he was genuinely a good dude tempted and manipulated by an extremely powerful Sith.

        2. C

          The prequels are the worse? How dare you.

  2. This theory makes no sense.

    1. Christopher L. Ott


      1. Kiara

        I was in a relationship similar to what you are Describing in the article. So basically he is a narcissist. I hate how Hollywood makes abusive relationships so appealing.
        Grease, The Phantom Of The Opera, Harley Quinn and Joker, Anakin and Padme! The list goes on!
        I enjoyed your view of the movie, but I also see the other side of how it was supposed to be. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mason

    Bruh he knew she was pregnant it’s just he thought she died before she gave birth.

    1. Brandon Begner

      The biggest problem with this theory, is that Padme is not weak-minded, at all. And it has been made clear, several times over, that Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak-minded.

      1. Bobert

        This theory is absolutely retarded, you obviously have never watched the prequels, and making such an asinine theory makes it look like you’ve never even encountered the prequels until coming up with the mishmash of idiocy.

        1. SamtroSamantha Castro

          Yeah I didn’t like this theory. I love these movies, just cuz you don’t doesn’t mean you have to bash them. For me they loved each other and she died from a broken heart. To me they acted according to their character.

      2. Anakin

        So are saying Padme is weak-minded? Because Jedi mind tricks only work on bobos. Like you who got tricked into writing this article.

      3. Tom

        This theory completely and conveniently forgets that Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak-minded. Padme was anything but weak-minded, as she was a fearless leader as queen and then very determined as a senator to do the right thing for her people. There also were so many plot holes in the prequels that it’s good sport to try to fill them with “convenient” theories like this one. But it’s a seriously flawed theory at best because it overlooks this very important point of Canon.

      4. Michael Harbuck

        Exactly was going to say this myself but I don’t believe I could have said it better

    2. Steven McMullan

      This has long been my theory as well.

    3. Braf

      Could be the real reason Jedi can’t have relationships. Also explains the apology Obiwan gives Padme when he finds out she is pregnant.

  4. Dylan

    And it really falls apart all other plot holes it would cause aside when at the beginning of three anakain says eff it IDC if we are caught and exposed and Padme says oh hell no because I will not allow you to get expelled from the Jedi order, so it’s her that’s more bent on keeping it secret then him, so it’s not just on when he says as this theory proclaims

    1. Chris

      Some people have far too much time on their hands to come up with these ridiculous “theories”.

  5. Harley

    I honestly think padme was very strong and very similar to leia would have made a great jedi if she wasnt into politics!

    1. Zensai

      It’s just the SJW think trying to find white patriarchy in any and everything. Just don’t make any sense

  6. Matt

    I think this very… “woke” article gave me cancer… as all “woke” culture does…

    1. VR

      “The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded” those were obi wan’s words in the first movie. Dont really remember much about the hand movements. That should explain why a crime lord like Jabba the hutt couldn’t get manipulated. Unless Padme the politician is as smart as the average stormtrooper, I doubt it would work on her too.

  7. Nope

    No. This theory makes no sense for numerous reasons. Anakin wasn’t trying to be a creep. He was a freaking teenager! He was 19 years old with little if any skills in the art of romance. He was training to be a Jedi and romantic love was forbidden, so I don’t imagine he had Obi wan teaching him the proper and improper ways to woe a lady. Is he awkward and a bit creepy towards Padme in beginning of the clone wars? Yes. But again, it’s because he is a inexperienced boy who becomes a more mature man (with his faults)towards the end of the film. I believe she loved him just as he loved her. Padme was not some weak minded chick. If anything, I think she ran the relationship, not him. Padme deserves to get more credit than she does. She is a strong, fierce, bold woman. Obviously when he fell to the dark side, she became an emotional mess, but who wouldn’t be 9 months pregnant and losing your husband all at once? Girl is human, but not some weak minded fool like this article protrays he to be. I for one like how Anakin is awkward in the beginning, because he becomes more relatable. Some many of us have that “dream person” and never seem to know how to do or say the right thing. I think it is no different for Anakin in the clone wars. I rest my case.

    1. Lykos

      I agree wholeheartedly. This article completely removed Padme’s agency and her personality, making her into a weak minded patsy that was in over her head. Highest order crap I’ve ever read.

  8. Robert Deskins

    This “theory” is incredibly lame and incorrect: the mind trick only works on the weak-minded and Padme was not a weak minded character.
    Also Anakin was not an abusive partner, he was a kid from a hard life in love with a girl.
    Palpatine manipulated him ruthlessly and between that and the fear from the visions he had been having the stress broke the kid down.

    You are a total hack

  9. Darth Mashup

    Yes, but when you consider that the Pizza Planet truck flew past in the background of that one scene on Coruscant, you realize that Boo was really a hidden Sith Lord trying to find the Dark Side tree on Dagobah so that she could open up the doorway to Coco’s Land of the Dead so that she could use it as a shortcut to find her way back to Monster’s Inc.

  10. Rob

    So, you’re basically saying Anakin was a rapist. Yeah, pretty sure that’s not what George Lucas had in mind.

  11. Reese

    OMG, really? How old are you anyway? Why don’t you just talk with George Lucas to find out his intentions of the first trilogy. In an interview, long, long time ago, he mentioned he always intended to be 3 trilogies and started with the 2nd trilogy chapters 4,5,6.

  12. Emma

    I disagree with this theory, rewatch the movies again. Depending on how old you are and how many young love angst moments you have had or witnessed in your life you will be able to reach the understanding of their young love relationship

  13. Kilroy

    You are what’s wrong with Star Wars, too stupid to get the heros story.

  14. Noel S Patinka-Ruston

    As I read this article I realize that people don’t read the books or comics the only watch the movies then they say because one or 2 peoples bad acting they take that as fact Ani was terrible at bed I mind tricks that was obi special and ani was a good fighter and good pilot but sure lets nit pick a part where Hemsworth looks weird cuz that easier take your rape fan fix some where else y’all steady ruin the new star wars I won let you tear down the old

    1. Paco Prior

      The only books you should be reading are about spelling and basic grammar

  15. Mark Kaplan

    Trying to justify the Mary Sue complex with these “theories” Disney? You’re too in love with your own fantasies to speak the truth.

  16. Eli

    Well thats dumb, talk about trying to shove current politics into 15+ year old movies. First off, Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak minded so nice misogyny there. Second, If Padme were forced into loving Anakin she would have just gone with him to the darkside.

  17. Anakintheidiotgenius

    this was one of the most poorly written articles and poorly conceived fan theories I’ve ever read. How many times did you need to reiterate your opinion that Anakin was an idiot? You realize he built a pod racer and programmed and rebuilt C3PO at the age of 9, right?..

    Also, what, exactly would be the consequence to the story if he used a Jedi mind trick on her? Basically… so what? There may actually be some consequence to it if your theory was true…. but you told us precisely nothing about this.

    Padme was a smoke show, if I could use a Jedi mind trick to win her heart and affection, I would do it… so what?

    Also, proofreading is a standard practice when writing content for public consumption. Maybe stop arguing that Anakin was an idiot (why, exactly?)… look in the mirror and gaze upon your own idiocy.

  18. Cameron

    An interesting theory, although you have to give the biggest mind trick in the galaxy award to Palpatine. He manipulated Anakin into turning on the jedi, and also was powerful enough to hide his identity in plain sight by mind tricking the entire galaxy, including the jedi.

  19. Paco Prior

    The only books you should be reading are about spelling and basic grammar

  20. Nik

    Ignore the haters, this has been my head canon for a while. There are many cringy moments where the flow seems to pause, Anakin gives his weird look, and things go on again. Frankly if this was the intention then the acting is a lot better than we give it credit for, we all were just too stupid to see it at the time.

    To those saying Anakin didn’t mean to be a creep, of course not. First off the main premise is that Anakin uses powers he is not aware of (like the fact that he is the only human who can podrace because of his Force foresight, even before he knew what the Force was). He is also extremely powerful which means he can influence even those who are not weak minded. Second, those in abusive relationships seldom intend to be a creep. They just think that this is how you guarantee your partner will stick around (with a stick instead of a carrot).
    Frankly for such a smart, strong willed woman, really the only explanation is that she is being mind controlled, or at least fearing for her life, cause there really is nothing for her to fall in love with about Anakin.

    Now the big question is if the whole thing started because of mind control from the Emperor (who only was thrown off the ledge because he stopped controlling Vader when he tried to switch over to controlling Luke (this would be why there are only ever 2 Sith)).

  21. Mike

    It is easy to take snippets out of a series of movies, put your spin on it, and mold it to match your theory.
    I can see the idea you had and where the material would look to support, but it can easily be flipped around if you focused on the fact that many people before me have mentioned. The Mind Trick only works on the weak-minded.
    With that in mind you could build a case for Padme having been the manipulative one. Having scouted this boy from youth, learning of this great power he has and obviously being able to see he is infatuated with her… I am certain I can toss a few more moments to support this flipped accusation, but you see the trick.

    Interesting read though.

  22. Emily

    This fan theory is just stupid as with all other fan theories in general, so I say let’s stop with not just the Star Wars theories but also the Frozen theories and Toy Story theories and all other Disney and Pixar theories as well as cartoon theories involving shows on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network also (this applies to ALL animations and cartoons, by the way), because:

    1) They are NOT “mind-blowing”;

    2) Jon Negroni should NOT be profiting off of his stupid “Pixar single universe” theory in the first place nor should he have EVER turned it into a book;

    3) That one video on Cracked about all of Pixar’s movies supposedly being “apocalyptic” (which is EXACTLY where Jon Negroni got his STUPID fan theory idea from) is also entirely FALSE as well;

    4) Fan theorists DON’T ever pay attention to the movies they watch at all, as is already indicated by the “Nemo doesn’t exist” and “Carl is dead” theories for example;

    5) Latin term definitions and Easter eggs found in films should NOT be used as an EXCUSE to RUIN the movies by making connections that are NOT even there, just because YOU think unanswered questions should be solved puzzles just based off of VISUALS alone;

    6) Disney Press publications and the BOOM! Kids comics provide the REAL answers to unanswered questions about some of your favorite Disney and Pixar films (I have copies of both “The Adventures of Violet and Dash” books, as well as “A Real Stretch: An Elastigirl Prequel Story”–also, “Laugh Factory” and “Recharge just to name a few) because they are considered “OFFICIALLY canon”;

    7) That one “Frozen” theory connecting said film to “Tarzan” has been DEBUNKED thanks to the recently released sequel;

    8) It was MENTIONED in the “Toy Story 4” COMMENTARY that filmmakers put in all those EASTER EGGS throughout Second Chance Antiques (they also revealed the obscured title of that one book Bonnie’s mother is seen reading outside the RV camper for a brief moment) as part of their goal to DESTROY the “Pixar Theory”, which means that contrary to popular belief Pixar had actually NEVER confirmed the theory and instead just DENIED it because they know how WRONG it is (yet fan theorists and believers STILL refuse to listen to DE-BUNKERS who are actually RIGHT about the FLAWS);

    9) Not all of Pixar’s movies are connected to each other, and the two moons seen in the “Onward” trailers PROVE that (also SuperCarlinBrothers are LYING about “There is no disproving of the Pixar Theory” because they’re just using that as a FURTHER EXCUSE to make fun of us DE-BUNKERS who are tired of constantly hearing “It’s just for fun”/”You just don’t get it”, when in fact it is actually the OPPOSITE as in FAN THEORISTS are the ones who “don’t get it” when it comes to DE-BUNKERS pointing out EVERY SINGLE FLAW within any one fan theory that is just plain WRONG and STUPID and has already been DECLARED FALSE MORE THAN ONCE!);

    And most important of all:

    10) Once the coming New Year’s leading up to the new 2020s decade has come and gone from which time those so-called COPPA enforcement restrictions come onto YouTube and go into place there, then by vague wordings of the rules it means all of the fan theory videos will mistakenly be marked as “kid friendly” just because some or a lot of them are about animated films and cartoon shows–causing the kids to unknowingly enter a “danger zone” in which these same fan theories that both make their favorite movies or shows sound dark AND their favorite characters look bad (as in the unhealthy obsession of role-reversing real protagonists as fake “villains” and the real antagonists as fake “heroes” brought on by the fan theorists who think that the HEROES are ruining everything in the plot just because they are rooting for the VILLAINS to be “good guys” DESPITE the fact that villains do wrong things and heroes actually save the day–NOT the other way around which acts like heroes/protagonists are in the wrong and villains/antagonists are in the right) and in doing so will actually SCARE the children and TRAUMATIZE them into never watching their favorite movies and shows WITHOUT fearing their favorite characters ever again, thus RUINING even their own childhoods still in progress altogether.

    ^That last reason, RIGHT THERE, is exactly why fan theories should NOT continue to exist–not just on YouTube, but pretty much all other Internet platforms in general! (ALSO the REASON why de-bunkers such as myself need and DESERVE MORE RESPECT for the very efforts we’ve tirelessly put into de-bunking the very flaws found in fan theories that YOU just don’t seem to SEE or NOTICE or even PAY ATTENTION TO at all, just because you’d rather treat them like they’re some sort of actual fact WHICH THEY ARE NOT!)

    *BOTTOM LINE: Fan theories are the BIGGEST MISTAKE that Internet users have EVER MADE. It’s time to stop with all of this fan theory NONSENSE and for fan theorists to APOLOGIZE for their MISTAKE, as well as to also GET RID of EVERY SINGLE FAN THEORY that has ever EXISTED once and for all! Because if you think ANY of them are ever going to be confirmed, well guess what? NEWS FLASH: It’s NEVER going to HAPPEN! Because they will all still be DENIED 24/7, no matter how many times you ask for there to be the OPPOSITE instead of just FACING THE VERY REALITY I AM TRYING TO POINT OUT RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. As in the reality being that “fan theories are NEVER going to be confirmed”. So stop with this obsession of connecting things, get over it and move on. De-bunkers like me are actually a whole lot SMARTER than what most people think, so stop disrespecting us de-bunkers with all those LAME EXCUSES we de-bunkers are TIRED OF HEARING because fan theories DO NOT DESERVE the high popularity they NEVER should have GOTTEN in the first place!

    –> Rant over. Frustrated de-bunker signing out… (again) <–

    1. FanTheorySupport

      Really all I can say about this, is what in the hell is wrong with you? So people are supposed to just listen to whats cannon and never use Imagination ever. And fan theories have turned out to be true. Harry Potter Being a Horcrux was a fan Theory, and it turned out to be true. And there are definitely more. People like to theorize about things they like because it is fun to them. There is nothing wrong with it. The thing about it “Traumatizing kids” was just really stupid.

  23. Darth Mashup

    Gravity is just a fan theory.

  24. Qui-Gon Jinn

    The ability to speak doesn’t make you intelligent.

  25. AcheyBreakyHeart

    How on Earth were you permitted to even write on a website? The effort put into this article is laughable. There’s little to no support behind your statements. It’s just a bombardment of using the word idiot to describe Anakin repeatedly and acting like he’s some kind of abuser we would find on old episodes of Law and Order: SVU along with constant cheery-picking of select instances to back up your half-baked claim instead of looking at the whole work and making a judgement from there.

    The fact that you add in statements such as this one: “She was just trying to be nice to him, and he’s just another idiot who misinterpreted a girl’s friendliness for something else.” leads me to believe you’ve had this happen to you, probably multiple times, or you’re just a white knight in mickey mouse ears who goes into the bars and shows this article to women as a way to prove that you’re “different.”

    Finally, please for the love of everything look into purchasing a thesaurus. It’s this fancy book that gives synonyms for words in order for people to not repeat the same words like idiot over and over and over again in their writing. They’re cheap and very useful. Especially when writing is like yours.

  26. Dameon

    I this this theory is the worst one yet, like it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t fit. I think your wrong but to each their own.

  27. claytonstrEt94

    Just because most everything have been said, you have to remember that Padmé initially said that she couldn’t live a lie, so she couldn’t have her secret love affair with Anakin. He respected her decisions more or less. Then she was the one who initiated the relationship, after Anakin questions her surety, she doubles down on the proposal and then kisses him. Look at the clone wars, Anakin nearly ruined his relationship due to jealousy. Other than Padmé not being weak-minded, she had a lot of control in their relationship. The only reason they didn’t leave the Republic before was due to her wanting to leave the Senate when the Clone War’s have concluded. Neither one of them would’ve been truly happy with the Republic at war when they have strong voices that can tip the scale of the war. That was the burden that was shared. That’s why leaving the Republic in “The Revenge of the Sith” was so tempting, and her last resort for both their happiness. If she was Jedi mind tricked so deeply, wouldn’t she have followed Anakin to the depts of Hell?

  28. Gab

    Are you an idiot? You wrong since you said the prequels were bad,the rest of it is just nonsense,calling a kid idiot for not being able to difference friendliness and love only make you look worse

  29. Mark

    Please itm you use to be better than this if i want click bait i could just read buzzfeed and half the internet! I actually trusted your site for info now i am not sure!

  30. Alex

    Great alternative interpretation theory I am sure that Lucas never put this much thought into Anakin and Padme’s relationship but this will make the cringy love scenes easier to watch
    Reading the comments it looks like this theory is easier to understand if you have seen abuse first hand
    No matter what a person’s interpretation of their relationship it clearly didn’t end healthy therefore it must not have been healthy at some point

    1. Kiara

      I was in a relationship similar to what you are Describing in the article. So basically he is a narcissist. I hate how Hollywood makes abusive relationships so appealing.
      Grease, The Phantom Of The Opera, Harley Quinn and Joker, Anakin and Padme! The list goes on!
      I enjoyed your view of the movie, but I also see the other side of how it was supposed to be. Thanks for sharing.

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