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Anakin and Padme from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones sitting together

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  1. Mike

    It is easy to take snippets out of a series of movies, put your spin on it, and mold it to match your theory.
    I can see the idea you had and where the material would look to support, but it can easily be flipped around if you focused on the fact that many people before me have mentioned. The Mind Trick only works on the weak-minded.
    With that in mind you could build a case for Padme having been the manipulative one. Having scouted this boy from youth, learning of this great power he has and obviously being able to see he is infatuated with her… I am certain I can toss a few more moments to support this flipped accusation, but you see the trick.

    Interesting read though.

  2. Emily

    This fan theory is just stupid as with all other fan theories in general, so I say let’s stop with not just the Star Wars theories but also the Frozen theories and Toy Story theories and all other Disney and Pixar theories as well as cartoon theories involving shows on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network also (this applies to ALL animations and cartoons, by the way), because:

    1) They are NOT “mind-blowing”;

    2) Jon Negroni should NOT be profiting off of his stupid “Pixar single universe” theory in the first place nor should he have EVER turned it into a book;

    3) That one video on Cracked about all of Pixar’s movies supposedly being “apocalyptic” (which is EXACTLY where Jon Negroni got his STUPID fan theory idea from) is also entirely FALSE as well;

    4) Fan theorists DON’T ever pay attention to the movies they watch at all, as is already indicated by the “Nemo doesn’t exist” and “Carl is dead” theories for example;

    5) Latin term definitions and Easter eggs found in films should NOT be used as an EXCUSE to RUIN the movies by making connections that are NOT even there, just because YOU think unanswered questions should be solved puzzles just based off of VISUALS alone;

    6) Disney Press publications and the BOOM! Kids comics provide the REAL answers to unanswered questions about some of your favorite Disney and Pixar films (I have copies of both “The Adventures of Violet and Dash” books, as well as “A Real Stretch: An Elastigirl Prequel Story”–also, “Laugh Factory” and “Recharge just to name a few) because they are considered “OFFICIALLY canon”;

    7) That one “Frozen” theory connecting said film to “Tarzan” has been DEBUNKED thanks to the recently released sequel;

    8) It was MENTIONED in the “Toy Story 4” COMMENTARY that filmmakers put in all those EASTER EGGS throughout Second Chance Antiques (they also revealed the obscured title of that one book Bonnie’s mother is seen reading outside the RV camper for a brief moment) as part of their goal to DESTROY the “Pixar Theory”, which means that contrary to popular belief Pixar had actually NEVER confirmed the theory and instead just DENIED it because they know how WRONG it is (yet fan theorists and believers STILL refuse to listen to DE-BUNKERS who are actually RIGHT about the FLAWS);

    9) Not all of Pixar’s movies are connected to each other, and the two moons seen in the “Onward” trailers PROVE that (also SuperCarlinBrothers are LYING about “There is no disproving of the Pixar Theory” because they’re just using that as a FURTHER EXCUSE to make fun of us DE-BUNKERS who are tired of constantly hearing “It’s just for fun”/”You just don’t get it”, when in fact it is actually the OPPOSITE as in FAN THEORISTS are the ones who “don’t get it” when it comes to DE-BUNKERS pointing out EVERY SINGLE FLAW within any one fan theory that is just plain WRONG and STUPID and has already been DECLARED FALSE MORE THAN ONCE!);

    And most important of all:

    10) Once the coming New Year’s leading up to the new 2020s decade has come and gone from which time those so-called COPPA enforcement restrictions come onto YouTube and go into place there, then by vague wordings of the rules it means all of the fan theory videos will mistakenly be marked as “kid friendly” just because some or a lot of them are about animated films and cartoon shows–causing the kids to unknowingly enter a “danger zone” in which these same fan theories that both make their favorite movies or shows sound dark AND their favorite characters look bad (as in the unhealthy obsession of role-reversing real protagonists as fake “villains” and the real antagonists as fake “heroes” brought on by the fan theorists who think that the HEROES are ruining everything in the plot just because they are rooting for the VILLAINS to be “good guys” DESPITE the fact that villains do wrong things and heroes actually save the day–NOT the other way around which acts like heroes/protagonists are in the wrong and villains/antagonists are in the right) and in doing so will actually SCARE the children and TRAUMATIZE them into never watching their favorite movies and shows WITHOUT fearing their favorite characters ever again, thus RUINING even their own childhoods still in progress altogether.

    ^That last reason, RIGHT THERE, is exactly why fan theories should NOT continue to exist–not just on YouTube, but pretty much all other Internet platforms in general! (ALSO the REASON why de-bunkers such as myself need and DESERVE MORE RESPECT for the very efforts we’ve tirelessly put into de-bunking the very flaws found in fan theories that YOU just don’t seem to SEE or NOTICE or even PAY ATTENTION TO at all, just because you’d rather treat them like they’re some sort of actual fact WHICH THEY ARE NOT!)

    *BOTTOM LINE: Fan theories are the BIGGEST MISTAKE that Internet users have EVER MADE. It’s time to stop with all of this fan theory NONSENSE and for fan theorists to APOLOGIZE for their MISTAKE, as well as to also GET RID of EVERY SINGLE FAN THEORY that has ever EXISTED once and for all! Because if you think ANY of them are ever going to be confirmed, well guess what? NEWS FLASH: It’s NEVER going to HAPPEN! Because they will all still be DENIED 24/7, no matter how many times you ask for there to be the OPPOSITE instead of just FACING THE VERY REALITY I AM TRYING TO POINT OUT RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. As in the reality being that “fan theories are NEVER going to be confirmed”. So stop with this obsession of connecting things, get over it and move on. De-bunkers like me are actually a whole lot SMARTER than what most people think, so stop disrespecting us de-bunkers with all those LAME EXCUSES we de-bunkers are TIRED OF HEARING because fan theories DO NOT DESERVE the high popularity they NEVER should have GOTTEN in the first place!

    –> Rant over. Frustrated de-bunker signing out… (again) <–

    1. FanTheorySupport

      Really all I can say about this, is what in the hell is wrong with you? So people are supposed to just listen to whats cannon and never use Imagination ever. And fan theories have turned out to be true. Harry Potter Being a Horcrux was a fan Theory, and it turned out to be true. And there are definitely more. People like to theorize about things they like because it is fun to them. There is nothing wrong with it. The thing about it “Traumatizing kids” was just really stupid.

    2. Max Gallow

      Relax. Please. It’s all just entertainment. Perspective is good. Find some and save all that hostility for something important.

  3. Darth Mashup

    Gravity is just a fan theory.

  4. Qui-Gon Jinn

    The ability to speak doesn’t make you intelligent.

  5. AcheyBreakyHeart

    How on Earth were you permitted to even write on a website? The effort put into this article is laughable. There’s little to no support behind your statements. It’s just a bombardment of using the word idiot to describe Anakin repeatedly and acting like he’s some kind of abuser we would find on old episodes of Law and Order: SVU along with constant cheery-picking of select instances to back up your half-baked claim instead of looking at the whole work and making a judgement from there.

    The fact that you add in statements such as this one: “She was just trying to be nice to him, and he’s just another idiot who misinterpreted a girl’s friendliness for something else.” leads me to believe you’ve had this happen to you, probably multiple times, or you’re just a white knight in mickey mouse ears who goes into the bars and shows this article to women as a way to prove that you’re “different.”

    Finally, please for the love of everything look into purchasing a thesaurus. It’s this fancy book that gives synonyms for words in order for people to not repeat the same words like idiot over and over and over again in their writing. They’re cheap and very useful. Especially when writing is like yours.

  6. Dameon

    I this this theory is the worst one yet, like it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t fit. I think your wrong but to each their own.

  7. claytonstrEt94

    Just because most everything have been said, you have to remember that Padmé initially said that she couldn’t live a lie, so she couldn’t have her secret love affair with Anakin. He respected her decisions more or less. Then she was the one who initiated the relationship, after Anakin questions her surety, she doubles down on the proposal and then kisses him. Look at the clone wars, Anakin nearly ruined his relationship due to jealousy. Other than Padmé not being weak-minded, she had a lot of control in their relationship. The only reason they didn’t leave the Republic before was due to her wanting to leave the Senate when the Clone War’s have concluded. Neither one of them would’ve been truly happy with the Republic at war when they have strong voices that can tip the scale of the war. That was the burden that was shared. That’s why leaving the Republic in “The Revenge of the Sith” was so tempting, and her last resort for both their happiness. If she was Jedi mind tricked so deeply, wouldn’t she have followed Anakin to the depts of Hell?

  8. Gab

    Are you an idiot? You wrong since you said the prequels were bad,the rest of it is just nonsense,calling a kid idiot for not being able to difference friendliness and love only make you look worse

  9. Alex

    Great alternative interpretation theory I am sure that Lucas never put this much thought into Anakin and Padme’s relationship but this will make the cringy love scenes easier to watch
    Reading the comments it looks like this theory is easier to understand if you have seen abuse first hand
    No matter what a person’s interpretation of their relationship it clearly didn’t end healthy therefore it must not have been healthy at some point

    1. Kiara

      I was in a relationship similar to what you are Describing in the article. So basically he is a narcissist. I hate how Hollywood makes abusive relationships so appealing.
      Grease, The Phantom Of The Opera, Harley Quinn and Joker, Anakin and Padme! The list goes on!
      I enjoyed your view of the movie, but I also see the other side of how it was supposed to be. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Em

    Right. Okay. I’ll never understand people’s inability to admit “Okay, it was bad writing.” instead of pushing the wildest theories and pushing for Luke and Leia to be the product of rape, of all things. But here we are, I guess, so let’s do this.

    First of all, as others have mentioned before, “Jedi mind tricks,” unlike most elements of Star Wars worldbuilding, are actually clearly defined and have clear parameters. We’re introduced to them in A New Hope, see them again in the Prequel Trilogy, see them again in the Clone Wars. They are defined, always, as something that must be done purposefully and explicitly, take conscious effort on the part of the Jedi, and only, might I emphasize, only, work on the “weak-minded”. Our examples of the “weak-minded” include the various stormtroopers, drug dealers, and other bar-goers in that one Attack of the Clones scene, who seem to be already “weakening” their minds as it were through alcohol. Now, as sloppily written as Padme’s character may be, she’s always presented as someone who’s very skilled, very intelligent, very independent, and very self-assured. And very “strong-minded”. Even in Revenge of the Sith, where the choices for her character are the strangest, she has the side-plot where she’s scheming against Palpatine to save the Republic, and in fact forms the Rebel Alliance in the deleted scenes. So her having fallen victim to a “secret” mind-trick of all things that we never see any hint of in the films is silly, to say the least. Hey, if Anakin can secretly mind trick Padme without Padme, Obi-wan, any Jedi, Sidious, or even the audience knowing, who knows who else could have been mind tricked! Maybe Obi-wan was mind tricked! Maybe the Council was mind tricked into training Anakin to be trained in the first place! Maybe the theory can go in the opposite direction and Sidious mindtricked Anakin into turning evil in the first place! Maybe the whole galaxy was mindtricked, who knows!

    Please. It’s ridiculous.

    But I digress. Let’s move on.

    This article claims that Anakin in The Phantom Menace, when he is a nine-year-old child, is unhealthily obsessed with Padme because he used, and I quote, the “corniest-pick-up line ever on a 14 year old girl”. And then claims that Anakin in this scene, as a nine year old, is “just another idiot misinterpreting a girl’s friendliness for something else”.

    I mean, wow. Okay. Out of all of the things you could have possibly criticized Anakin’s character for, including not one but two massacres, you picked a lighthearted if clumsily written line from his nine-year-old self who is currently enslaved? I mean, first of all, the line itself isn’t even necessarily romantic. He’s a kid blurting out the first thing to come to his mind. Hell, if sixteen-year-old Natalie Portman came to my shop and she was one of the first genuinely kind people I’d met in my miserable existence as someone else’s property, I’d probably tell her she looked pretty too. But the line itself can even be interpreted two ways: one, “you’re very pretty,” and two, “holy crap you’re probably one of the first non-slaves I’ve ever met who’s treated me like a person, are you for real?”. So this can’t even be definitively categorized as a pick up line anyways. And, please, good grief. He’s a little kid, not some jerk teenager harrassing a girl on the street. He’s not looking for a romantic relationship, he’s NINE. And you can hardly claim he, the nine year old, is harrassing a fourteen year old because they happen to have friendly interactions for the rest of the film and he seems to admire her a bit.

    “It starts small because his powers are small.” You’re not seriously trying to imply that a nine-year-old enslaved Anakin is trying to mindtrick Padme throughout the events of the Phantom Menace, are you? Because that’d be almost as ridiculous as the rest of this article.

    Your next section dismisses all of Padme’s romantic interest in Anakin, badly written as it admittedly is, as just her “having her fun with him” as “expected”. I don’t know how to be the one to break this to you but a girl “using” a guy for “fun” isn’t a healthy thing, either, just as you could expect from its reverse. If your intention is to “redeem” Padme’s character, this section of your theory actually makes her worse, especially considering how she’s portrayed as someone compassionate and caring throughout the rest of the films.

    As for your bit about the Tusken Massacre’s red flags, I think by the year 2019 we should have been mature enough to admit that the Tusken Massacre and Padme’s reaction to it says more about Lucas’s racism and questionable view of romance than it does of Padme or Anakin’s characters. It’s constantly downplayed by the narrative, starting all the way back in A New Hope when the Tuskens were first introduced.

    You also seem to spend a lot of the article determinedly calling Anakin an idiot. I can admittedly see where you’re coming from, though I’d personally argue that there’s a difference between intelligence and wisdom that should be acknowledged–this is, after all, a child prodigy and one of the most decorated generals of the Clone Wars we’re talking about–but in all honestly I can’t for the life of me see what it has to do with this ridiculous fan theory. We get it, you don’t like Anakin, you pride yourself on having more common sense than some fictional character in an overdramatic space opera. What does that have to do with your claim that he’s somehow secretly mind controlling the one prominent female character in the prequel trilogy (with the exception of Shmi Skywalker, of course)?

  11. Nick

    Who hurt the author of this theory ? What feminist cult did you spawn from? Just curious I hope you get help from the abusive relationship that made you write this garbage.

  12. Z

    I really like this theory, though I find it impracticle. It seems odd, as everything we see is all “doesn’t work on the weekminded” I also felt you really ignored Anakin’s slave mentality. I think a slave’s “possesion” of the one he loves, because they could be taken from him at any moment is important to consider when theorizing as well as when watching cannon

  13. Matthew

    Hmm… That’s one theory, and pretty decent.

    However, given that Palpatine was such a long term planner.

    Combined with the fact that he and Padme worked together for years after the end of episode I, and as pointed out Palpatine was really good at reading minds…

    Palpatine would have easily known that Anakin was weakened already by missing his mother. And that Anakin had a major crush on Padme.

    It’s more likely that Palpatine would have started working Padme’s mind in preparation for when Anakin and Padme would meet again.

    Then orchestrate events so the Jedi council would set Anakin to guard her.

    During the guardianship of Padme. Everything would have fallen into place of their own accord.

    While Anakin using mind tricks on Padme is very likely. I don’t think Anakin could have persuaded Padme like that because…

    (1): Padme is a very confident, strong woman… Meaning she’s too strong willed for the Jedi mind trick to work on her.

    (2): Emotionally and mentally, Anakin is too scattered to have worked Padme over without help. He’s too consumed with finding his mother in episode II… In fact, when Padme confesses her love for Anakin, his reaction is one of genuine surprise. Which fits the Palpatine theory.

    Moreover, Palpatine was after Anakin from shortly after meeting him.

    Palpatine, knowing Anakin’s growing fear of loss, and Anakin’s crush on Padme. Would have been the perfect opportunity for Palpatine to cultivate an achilles heel for Anakin.

    Arranging the guardianship and sending them off during a time when Anakin, still a padewan… Sets the falling in love opportunity.

    Knowing that Jedi are not allowed to form attached relationships until after they have become experienced masters… Puts Anakin in a much easier state to turn to the dark side.

    I definitely don’t dismiss the Jedi mind trick/abusive relationship theory.

    However I think it’s more likely that Palpatine would have most likely been helping that all along the way.

    Which also fits why Palpatine tells Anakin that through the darkside, is the only way to save Padme.

    Which also fits Anakin’s nightmares. Which were most likely supplied by Palpatine as well.

  14. Ella

    I agree to. because in the eqsoild she looked like she loved him.

  15. Alijah

    you keep calling anakin an idot and Hayden’s acting is bad as anakin but it’s really hard to play that roll

  16. M Bishop

    It is an interesting theory. Certainly not one to condemn off the cuff.

    I also like the idea that Palpatine was the one doing the manipulating to distract a political opponent and put his future apprentice in a precarious situation from which to give him a nudge to the dark side.

    As for the “week willed” – well – Anakin’s midi-chlorian count was off the scale – so who knows what he was capable of vs the normal Jedi. Plus (and this works double for Palpatine) – Padme would not be expecting it. Look how he was able to blindside such luminaries as Mace Windu and Yoda.

    While it casts a new light on the tragic love story of Annakin and Padme – it does not diminish the tragedy of lost potential of Annakin or Padme if Palapatine had not messed with them.

    So put me down as in favor of this theory – with the addition of the Palapatine gambit.

    1. Max Gallow

      Thank goodness! A voice of reason in the mix. Jeez, folks… It’s a THEORY. Relax. I think it is a good theory.

  17. Farzaneh

    Come on, have you read the book attack of the clones? Padme was obsessed with anakin ever since they first met in her apartment after 10 years, call it whatever you want,love, obsession, infatuation…but she felt something. I have no idea how you came up with this theory…

  18. Ricky Martin

    I hope you were mind-tricked into writing this, otherwise I am worried.

  19. Max Gallow

    I like the theory. I think he may have been doing it subconsciously. What 19-year-old guy with no social skills and no benchmark for healthy relationships would NOT use a massive power like that… Even unintentionally. She, while not weak-minded, was exposed to a constant stream of his mind. Perhaps it was not so much total control as it was a subtle “nudge”. She was also very young and although politically wise, perhaps not so experienced in relationships. After all, she had spent her entire life as basically an unapproachable child celebrity.
    Anakin was abusive and power-hungry that is not debatable. Anakin was also a victim himself in several ways. If one superimposes what we know about actual real-world psychology, that fits. The abused becomes an abuser, and not always aware they are doing it- it’s all they know.
    There is way too much hate for this theory. I think Everyone has the right to analyze unspoken, unwritten undercurrents in fiction. Who are these people name-calling the author as if it were a personal violation? Jeez! I for one enjoy the speculation. It does not take away from canon or diminish anything. Relax and save the hate for people who abuse children and animals, not for an opinion on fiction.

  20. Leonard Mosca

    I heard the Darth Sidious has use sith sorcery Sue and Shannon Padme Amidala has Jade amulet that you received from Anakin Skywalker doing The Phantom Menace as a good luck charm is a deleted scene in Attack of the Clones when Padme and Chancellor Palpatine a arrangements for her to go
    into hiding at least that’s what I’ve heard

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