In a Grocery Store Far Far Away, a NEW Star Wars Snack You Need to Try

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Star Wars ice cream sandwiches

Punch it Chewie! And take us to the closest grocery store for these new Millenium Falcon ice cream sandwiches.

Millenium Falcon Ice Cream
Credit: Hy-Vee

We can’t think of a more perfect treat to enjoy as you drive to your local theater to enjoy the premier of this year’s most anticipated nonology finale, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Or maybe for after the movie, because we have a feeling we’re gonna be dealing with all sorts of feels and ice cream will be a necessity!

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Or if you’re planning a visit to the Black Spire Outpost Batuu, aka, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we strongly feel the force calling us to let you know you must consume this portion while planning this epic adventure! You’ll need the fuel as you prepare to experience the Rise of the Resistance.

Star Wars ice cream sandwiches
Credit: @snacksfromaround

These tasty looking treats will probably be gone in 12-parsecs or so after you purchase them. I mean, they are the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy after all!

Instagram user @candyhunting spotted these boxes at a Hy-Vee store. Available for a limited time, these ice cream sandwiches are retailing for $9 for a box of 6, according to the Instagram post.

“New Star Wars Millennium Falcon ice cream sandwiches are out now! These are made under Nestlé’s Edy’s/Dreyer’s brand. Found them at Hy-Vee where they’re selling for a whopping $9 per box.” – @candyhunting

Not too long ago, we were saying Oh BOY! over these adorable Mickey Ice Cream bars. We’re guessing just like Disney fans stormed to their local grocery stores to get these iconic park treats, these Millennium Falcon goodies will be flying off the shelves at lightspeed!

Mickey ice cream bars

Let us know if you spot some in your local grocery store in the comments so we can let our readers know where they can find these. We can’t wait to try them ourselves!

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