Rotten Tomatoes Ranks “The Rise of Skywalker” as 2nd-Worst “Star Wars” Movie

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Star War: The Rise of Skywalker

Credit: Lucasfilm

With many critics having now seen The Rise of Skywalker, fans were nervous to see what they had to say and according to Rotten Tomatoes, it doesn’t look good for the latest instalment.

As it stands right now, the critic score is sitting at 57%, significantly lower than most other Star Wars live-action movies.

Here are all the Skywalker movies ranked by Rotten Tomatoes critic score for reference:

  • The Empire Strikes Back – 94%
  • A New Hope  – 93%
  • The Force Awakens – 93%
  • The Last Jedi – 91%
  • Return of the Jedi – 82%
  • Revenge of the Sith – 80%
  • Attack of the Clones – 65%
  • The Rise of Skywalker – 57%
  • The Phantom Menace – 53%

Even the Solo and Rogue One movies stand better critically than The Rise of Skywalker does currently with 83% and 70% scores respectively.

So does this spell bad news for the last film in the Skywalker Saga?

Not necessarily, fans and critics often don’t agree when it comes to the ratings of the Star Wars movies. Consider that The Last Jedi split fans so much, with many calling it the least favorite Star Wars movie, the critic score on Rotten Tomatoes is actually among the highest of the movies.

Most fans are yet to see the film and what fan feedback there has been, it does appear to be largely positive. Some of us at ITM have already seen the movie and have given some non-spoiler feedback — check it out below:

While the critics are mixed in their thoughts, the fans could completely change things as the movie begins rolling out its worldwide release starting tomorrow.

It was always going to be tricky to end a franchise that has spanned over 40 years so we have our fingers and toes crossed that J.J. Abrams and the team have managed to do just that.

Are you excited to see The Rise of Skywalker? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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