Comments for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” will have LGBT+ representation

STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER John Boyega as Finn, Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron and Kelly Marie Tran as Rose

Credit: EW/ Lucasfilm


  1. TimG

    Whoa?!!! I thought Rose had a thing for Finn. She fainted before Finn was able to declare his love for her (or maybe she imagined it). I can imagine sheccould go rogue to take it out on Finn, but, nOOOOO. We need no gay romance in Star Wars. I will pass on this Sequel Trilogy wreckage.

  2. jd

    All I can say is UGH. There is no need for this and they are just using a major movie they know everyone will see as a soapbox.

    1. JJ

      I completely agree, this is getting ridiculous.

    2. Tobb

      When you have that many characters and relationships without having any of them being gay, that does seem a bit ridiculous.

      Part of what makes Star Wars so great is the the human characters are very human.

  3. Mark

    I think it would be fine to see rep as long as theres no romance etc. You have to understand and this is coming from me gay and new to franchise bc of my daughter… she doesnt need to see that! I dont need to see that to enjoy a movie! When we said we wanted more rep it was like make a character gay not let the be romantic w someone its like me i am out and proud but i am not linked bc i have better thinks to do in my life like raise my little resistance fighter to be whom she wants to be! I equate this to frozen no one cares if elsa is or isnt these are movies families go see! And elsa just like star wars we are still asking more important ? We want answered we dont need to see other uncalled for things… Kids also ??? everything and if you do not raise your kid open to the world more ?s then answers and no one needs that! I am gay and proud but i want my daughter to be whom she is not force my life on her and i doubt any parent wants too. Again rep is fine romance is weird!

  4. Jon

    Maybe focus on making a great film than appeasing every sexual orientation. Do you think Steven Spielberg gave a damn about these things telling a story? Speaking of bromance JJ Abrams….. you wish

  5. Anne

    Can we just not? This is getting ridiculous. Just make good characters! Shoehorning token character traits doesn’t make them good or likable characters. Seriously, listen to the fan base. The fan base says, “no thank you.”

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