New patents suggest upgrade for Walt Disney World projection shows

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Disney’s at it again. The company submitted a patent for a new high-speed projection system. Putting two and two together, the patients suggest that Disney is developing a way to upgrade their projection shows.

The Patent is called “High Speed Projection onto Dynamic Moving Objects”

The projector is shown paired with a tracking module to stay focused on the moving target.
Credit: World Intellectual Property Organization

The patent was published on November 21, 2019, and according to The Orlando Business Journal, this new technology would allow Disney to use projection mapping on faster moving objects. Currently, their technology only allows project mapping on objects moving extremely slow.

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The patent states:

“The techniques can be used to project light onto rapidly and arbitrarily moving objects, such as water, snowflakes, confetti, foliage, water droplets, water “curtains” or waterfalls, flying objects (e.g., animals, insects, etc.), fish, projectiles, vehicles (e.g., unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous vehicles, planes). In other instances, the techniques may be used to project light onto moving objects with at least some known or predictable movement path. In many instances, the object or the object movement require ultra-low lag time in the mapping process, as well as low latency in the projection process for the projection to accurately project onto the desired location on the object. In this manner, the method and system described herein can track and map content or light onto unsynchronized, rapidly moving objects.”

The plans also indicated multiple projectors being used at once, able to predict the path of their target objects. There has been no official word yet on the true purpose of this technology, and no executives or representatives from Disney have released a statement on the matter.

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Multiple units shown projecting accurately and in sync on angles
Credit: World Intellectual Property Organization

Speculation time! What is it for?

epcot nighttime spectacular
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World has made a name for itself when it comes to projection shows. From Once Upon a Time on Cinderella Castle to the Tree of Life show, projection work has also been incorporated in several rides over the years.

While this technology will most likely be used to upgrade the projection shows at the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, my bet is that this technology will be put to use for EPCOT’s upcoming nighttime spectacular which is set to replace EPCOT Forever in 2020.

Either way, it’s always exciting to see things happening at Walt Disney World.

What do you think this new projection technology will be used for? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Orlando Business Journal

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