Comments for Age, height restrictions on new sign for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance start of queue

Credit: ITM


  1. Harley

    I am not surprised by either the age or height restriction i mean something as simple as toy story mania always reminds little spuds need to be watched… and the height matches tower as rumor the drop is higher if not same as tower so it makes sense… if cms get complaints then thats sad its common sense even the falcon has a height restriction.

    1. Mark

      I think its also wdw covering its butt bc the cms will be so busy as they always are all hands on deck between opening and holiday season!
      But your right harley its common sense and if people can not see safety is disney 1st priority then thats on them! Btw complaining to cms isnt the way to go they have a position to fill and work at its like being a parent… you can not be at 10k places at once and do the job of the whole world! I mean you love to be you just you cant we are only human!

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