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  1. Harley

    As pronably the only ouat fan left and lasted through all the nonsense (i sad had z friend on the show) this sounds like they are trying to reboot ouat w a new name!

    1. Mark

      I agree harley sounds alot like an ouat reboot under a different name! Btw whom did you know?

      1. Jackie

        Thats rude to ask that mark! Besides like she tell you that a nobody on the internet!

  2. Rebel Porg

    First lost went on for too long to cheapen out on the ending… ouat finale season should have happend instead of yrs of jumping shark back like in s4 or t and end it now they want to try again… honestly you suck as writers give up!

  3. Melanie Durham

    I, too, am an OUAT fan and was disappointed with the second story they came up with! But I’m happy they are going to try something new! I’ll give it a try, especially if It’s about Disney princes, princesses, etc.

  4. John

    YES PLEASE!!!! This sounds awesome! We have many friends who love OUAT. We love to watch reruns on Netflix and we also bought the DVD’s. It is one of our favorite shows. Soo well done. Looking forward to this new program!

  5. Kasper

    I hope they reboot it 100% procent. Because season 7 is way too confusing.

    I would like to see different actors and another story in a completely unconnected world.

    I hope Scar, Mufasa,Elsa and Annas is in it together with Gothel, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle.

    And Scar shall be a dark one.

    I would like there to be similiar lovstory with Rumple and belle but else being it’s own thing.

  6. Charlie

    I hope everything turns out good for you

  7. Kasper

    I saw season 7 now. Liked it. Wheter it is a reboot or srason 8, it will be Worth a wstch

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