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Disney Skyliner view and gondolas

Credit: ITM Reporter/Sean Sposato


  1. Austin

    Disney should have just spent the extra cash for an expanded monorail. This system scares me.

    1. We have rode several times. No issues. I am used to open ski lifts that do stop on occasion. I have never been stranded but it would be no big deal for the most part. These are enclosed and comfortable compared to an open chair in zero weather. Just be calm and wait it out. I presume Disney would make accommodations on missed or late reservations. That is the biggest issue for us. It seems you often have a schedule for a fast pass or meal that you are trying to make. A protocol for a slow rescue into a station rather than immediately using ladders would also seem to make sense. But I am sure the powers are exploring all of those angles.

  2. Sarah Ridley

    we were sceptical about the skyliner when we saw it being built but, having used it on a visit in December (note, not in midsummer temperatures), it’s a game changer for me, we got from Caribbean Beach to the entrance to Hollywood studios in 4 minutes, the bus wouldn’t even have left the hotel in that time plus in recent years we have been finding the buses don’t run as frequently as they used to. Trip to Epcot takes a little longer but still less than 10 minutes. we barely queued for it, even when leaving the parks at the end of the fireworks.

  3. Jan

    I rode this a couple of time in my last visit and it was definitely much quicker to get from HS to Epcot this way. And the ride is very quiet and peaceful. I’m sure Disney will work out any issues. There was no wait to get on and it took about 15/20 min total. I’ll bet we would have stood out in The heat waiting for the bus to Epcot longer than that.

  4. LoraC

    We just returned from our Disney trip. We were having breakfast at Riviera Resort and decided to just go for a ride. The kids, my husband and I thought it was great. There was no wait and it was fun. What better thing to do in the rain. Would definitely take it again.

  5. Hollie B

    My friend and I rode the Skyliner a few times on our trip this December (2019) and absolutely loved it! We wished it connected to even more parks and can’t wait for Disney to expand it! It’s so quick, quiet, and peaceful! Although, I’m not sure how I’ll feel if I ever visit WDW in the summer. That heat might be a little much in those gondolas ???

  6. Shelby

    The monorail brakes down more than the gondola I like the gondola I’ve never had a problem with it

  7. Laura

    i’m not reading it’s popular on other sites. bloggers are reporting walking on with no lines at what should be peak morning rush to get to the parks. i think this system was poorly designed and scared a lot of people off. i agree, the money should have been spent to upgrade and perhaps even expand the monorails.

    1. NENolan

      Haters gotta hate! Don’t agree at all. It’s very popular. People were hoping on and off the Skyliner all day when we were there in October. People were actually riding without a destination in mind just to ride it as an attraction. Not a lot of lines because it moves so quickly. We’ve rode it at different times of the day and it’s very relaxing and efficient. Much more so than the stinky monorails. Stuff like this can happen on any attraction. If you’re uncomfortable with it, then don’t ride it . Frankly, it was one of the highlights of our trip.

    2. Sheryl

      I was there the week of the crash (the first week it opened) it was amazing and I will ride it whenever possible. So fast and very pretty….Looking forward to riding again in the fall.

  8. Holly

    We stayed at Pop in Nov. and used the Skyliner a lot. It’s a game changer, in my opinion, because it saves so much time. We watched the fireworks, which started at 9:00, at Epcot. When they were over we took the Skyliner back to Pop and were back in our room by 9:45. We absolutely loved it, and hope they expand it to other parks and Disney Springs.
    The lines to get on it were always long, but moved quickly.

  9. J Keenan

    I was just there from the 26-2nd and used the skyliner several times. Never had a problem and seemed very efficient in handling crowds. My only complaint is the hours of operation are very inconsistent so it was not available for early mornings to the park or even after certain park closings.

  10. Erica

    We are pass holders from Jax who visit Disney often. I rode it several times throughout different visits in December. They were faster than the buses/monorails and we definitely enjoyed the silence and extra space.

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