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Rebekah Marvel

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    Janice sue

    It’s nice to see children being able to feel good about themselves

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    Cathy Jo

    I think it’s great that kids can feel they have someone to look up to

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    I don’t understand
    why everyone can’t just do their own thing and be themselves without pushing it on our kids. Be yourself by all means, but don’t force everyone else and their kids to accept it if they don’t want to. I don’t impose my beliefs on anyone because they’re mine and everyone believes as they feel. That’s the beauty of this country. We don’t all have to agree and have it forced down our throats anyway because it’s “what’s in”.

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    I agree with “Cook”. This belief in gender ideology is being forced on everyone. I don’t force my beliefs on people, but the gender ideologists are pushing to make everyone accept theirs. This country is founded on religious freedom and inalienable rights for the religious and secular. And it’s unfair that this radical belief is heavily advertised towards children. They are still learning how to do basic skills like how to eat nutritious foods and how to pick out clothing, let alone know if they want to take puberty blockers or get gender transition surgery.

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    Arnold Linder

    I am offended.

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    I think it’s completely irresponsible to advocate for this when their are very serious health issues and risks associated with the treatment and also surgery.

    This will be the subject of massive litigation in years to come. Just wait and see.

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    Michelle Anderson

    To see what happens in the future to children who are introduced to transgenderism, google Walt Heyer. He still struggles in his 70s with memories of the trouble caused by the confusion his grandmother started at the age of 4.

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    To the parents u would be locked up for child abuse how is a 12 yr old lil boy know anything unless they parents taught them or physically abused their son Shame Shame on you

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