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kelly marie tran as rose tico

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  1. Tom

    “Star Wars fans weren’t happy that she was cast to play Rose, a character who happens to be an Asian woman in a leading role.”

    Nope. Absolutely not.

    You should’ve written “Star Wars fans weren’t happy with the writing of Kelly Marie Tran’s character, Rose.”
    Because that was the problem, not the fact that she’s an Asian woman, nor that it was a leading role. It was never part of the problem.
    Of course, there were stupid fans who harassed her for being Asian, for being a woman, but the fact is most fans weren’t satisfied with the character she played, not by her as a person.
    What is remembered is the few people who harassed her for racist or sexist reasons, but those are not the reasons most people weren’t happy with her appearance in the movie, you should admit it.

    1. Michael Anthony

      what you said makes sense and I agree but then again why would I want to see a movie with characters in it I don’t relate to? I’m not a gay black man that an Asian woman and I’m not the white girl named Daisy who constantly has a constipated look on her face.

  2. Kayla O

    I was a Star wars fan since 1977 when I saw the original Star wars at the theater 10 times. At that time that cost a dollar fifty to see a movie $1.50
    I never went to see another film after TLJ. Any movie where the characters names Poe Rey Finn sounds like I’m ordering soup in a Vietnamese restaurant I’m not interested in seeing.

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