Comments for Surprise: Josh Gad appears at ‘Frozen Sing-Along’ in Disney World

Josh Gad

Credit: Twitter user @DisFanShawn


  1. Harley

    I do not doubt hes only there bc of being a huge star wars fan and with ride #2 opening 1st in wdw he came over using an excuse to visit bc of frozen or both! So cool to see bc theres a scene in frozen 2 that olaf has thats like how many times have you been to arendalle history 101 aka the sing along! This is a test by olaf jic you missed it all! Lol!
    Its still so cool to see.

  2. Mark

    This would have been a better story if he just sat in the audience and someone saw him or i do not know he didnt have vip or something…. hes just looking like hey i am josh gad and thanks to frozen i can now jump on this stage and walk around wdw wo being bothered like a full of themself celebrity!
    Its more humbling when you know people and you see them enjoying the parks like everything else and you think wow how cool is that makes one go wow if they can humble themselves like that just a bit i can too!

  3. Melanie Durham

    I certainly would be ecstatic to see Josh Gad on stage in my presence singing! I don’t Think he’s full of himself! He IS a celebrity and he DESERVES to be treated like a VIP because he’s earned it plus he would have a mob around him! They do things like that for safety reasons!!!! Yes, some are snobs!

    1. Harley

      Actually i know many whom came through when i was a cm that never got mobbed bc people just never know whom they are and if they do they dont bother em bc they are on vacation too! I do agree some take snooty advantage like i am celeb kiss my ring i need vip i met those too backstage entrances whole 9 yrds! I think what mark meant and i agree is it is better to see em not w vip and just there like i am human too not a celeb today! But i agree w you i can see why they sometimes need it but i doubt gad would get mobbed! But like i said above i love the fact he did that but no doubt he was there for rise of the resistance not frozen but thats neither here nor there! Lol!
      Btw happy holidays to you melanie!

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