Comments for Idina Menzel reacts to Panic! At The Disco’s version of ‘Into the Unknown’

Menzel and Panic! at the Disco

Credit: Forbes/People


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    Debbie Hansen

    I LOVE Brendon’s version SO much better. It’s probably the best I’ve ever heard him sing.

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    in my opinion, i like the movies version better. but as a p!atd fan,, brendon did great !! i specifically like the movies version more because my favorite singer, AURORA was ft in it. beautiful song !!

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      Dyanna L McGary

      I love P!atd better! I think Brendon is one of the BEST SINGERS ON THE PLANET! OMG Those high notes!!!

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    am i the only one who thinks that they both did good?

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    I love Panic at the Disco’s version much better!

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    I love both as I am fans of both singers đŸ„°

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