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    I’m betting a cell phone and/or attempt to get a selfie were involved.

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    Oh my!! Glad the rescue went well!!

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    Great article!

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    T Goodson

    Wow. Emergencies can happen anywhere anytime. Glad the contingency plan worked well. Seems the crew was well rehearsed. Great article.

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    She should’ve went on a Disney Cruise, & jumped off in the middle of the night if she was REALLY SERIOUS!

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    Yikes, Rescue Rangers in action! I’m proud of the crew for getting the individual to safety, and ensuring no one else was injured in the process.

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    Faith Bouchard

    It was most likely a desperate cry for help. ( I pray she gets the help she needs) I would think she knew she was not going to be killed , unless there were gators in the water.

    Prayers to her to get the help she needs.❤

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    Was it really a suicide attemp.

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    I’m thankful the rescue handled by the WDW Cast Members was professional and speedy! I truly hope the lady will be okay. Suicide is no joke.

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