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winnie the pooh

Credit: Disney

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  1. Matthias

    Where oh where oh where to begin. For starters you did not do a great job of keeping the contempt out of your writing. This comes across as a fraternity member who was made fun one too many times and decided that this was the way to get people back years later. By characterizing them as Winnie the Pooh characters. Oh yeah, you sure showed them. Whoever wronged you is probably indignant even as we speak at being called a Tigger or Pooh.

    Also when watching Winnie the Pooh your mind went to Greek Life stereotypes and who in your fraternity fit them? Seriously, man, learn to let it go. Finally, your writing style is still shaky at best and abhorrent at worst. Instead of pumping out ten articles a day like a wannabe Buzzfeed member, actually treat the idea of journalism with respect and write out things well researched and thought out.

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