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  1. This is tragic. Even though I don’t like some of his ideas for the sequel trilogy, it was still his vision, and over the years, people might have warmed up to things they didn’t like that first time. He should have not sold Star Wars to Disney. Aside from Rebels, Rogue One, Fallen Order, and The Mandalorian, Disney has really failed with Episodes 7-9. Not only is Lucas bitter about his ideas getting thrown out, but the fanbase has become divided. The fact that these later movies have sparked so much anger shows incompetence at Lucasfilm, and it could ruin Star Wars.

  2. Darth Whills

    I bet that craZy George Lucas had all sorts of zany ideas for a purple haired lady to lead the rebsistance on a low-speed space chase against some whackey villains while our heroes are off getting arrested at a casino. Too bad we’ll never get to see THAT version!

  3. Fettman

    I’m sorry Becky here is wrong George has stated him self what they did with luke was not what he would have done. His exile isnt the problem it was his selfishness and cowardice that was the problem.

  4. Jackie

    Its funny how this all comes out bc Lucas has had a moment to think but approved of it all in prepoduction and development! They go him for advice etc. Did any of you watch the damage he created through the prequels the movies were lost then not now! Besides Lucas isnt in charge who cares its in the vision of someone else yes alot of people say he could have done better or we would have been left w a story thats worse then we have now! Its the way of the world perfection it you isnt perfection to me! Perfection is an anomaly! Sadly Lucas is only saying this bc fans have complained but when the movies first came out he loved them and approved! He also said he would have killed off luke eventually but more in the line of Ben then the last movie! So stop you whining and just enjoy it and if you dont let others like me gain our own opinions bc are free to them! Besides 8 was a mess 7 was great intro and i am looking forward to 9!

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