Comments for Fans Cancel Disney+ After Season 1 of “The Mandalorian” Ends

The Mandalorian five seasons+ after the mandalorian

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  1. TonyG

    Yes. We signed up for Mandalorian & Imagineering Story. Will cancel and re-sub next fall in time for Mandalorian S2.

    We already own on DVD all the Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm movies we like. None of the shows announced for 2020 appeal (except maybe Loki).

  2. Retro

    It’s a wee bit hyperbolic to make such a claim. You need more than a few anecdotal tweets. Where’s the hard data to support this?

    1. Chris

      This is why streaming is cheaper. You watch what a service has (Mandolorian, Star Trek Discovery, Marvelous Mrs Mazel, Veronica Mars) then drop it and pick up another service that has what you want to watch. Free subscribe to all at once.

    2. Van D

      Agreed. Half of these aren’t even SAYING THEY are going to cancel, but are asking opinions or joking about others doing it. Pretty crappy basis for a statement like “many” are unsubscribing and people’s predictions seem to be coming true.

      1. aka:KJB

        It sounds like Trump’s favorite sources of BS information, “people tell me” and “everyone’s saying”.

    3. Mike

      This will become normal for people to subscribe and then cancel after they see what they want.

      If you subscribe to everything you’re spending as much or more than with cable

  3. chris

    The only reason I didn’t cancel is because I paid the extremely low opening discount rate for a full year. Disney+ is a completely useless app until their new content drops next year. They don’t have the content that Amazon/Netflix/HBO offer.

  4. I’d cancel Disney with the Mandalorian’s last episode too but I have a free year of Disney through my Verizon. I’ll cancel as soon as the second season ends.

    1. FreeStream

      Same here. Not happy it doesn’t include their other owned content either like 21st Century Fox.

  5. Melanie Durham

    Wellllllll……I’m not on the bandwagon with the rest that canceled! I’m going to keep my Disney+ because I love the original content (even though it’s done for the season), I love the shorts, I love the nostalgia of all the old movies I’ve seen in the past, and movies and shows I have not seen before! I am, however, disappointed with ESPN+ unfortunately!

  6. Van D

    No, we haven’t canceled D+, and we don’t plan to. It’s a great source for all the new Disney, Marvel, Star Wars content, recent releases I don’t have to clutter the shelves with DVDs of, and classic shows and movies I haven’t seen since childhood but am anxious to re-watch!

  7. Carl

    I am def in the same situation. I would cancel until new season but prepaid due to the deep discount they gave for the first year.

  8. Jake Boone

    Marvel and Star Wars aren’t enough to keep the service as is. We watched The Mandalorian and cancelled.

    Sure there is tons of content other services don’t have but it’s all children’s shit. I’m good.

    Definitely worth it for homes with little children but beyond that they need to sort it out because once you go through Marvel, which everyone already pretty much owns on physical or digital, and Star Wars… the same, there just isn’t much there.

    Maybe it will pick up with upcoming Marvel shows but I’m skeptical they will be any good. …or at least entertaining enough that I would come out of pocket for them.

    There’s just better content on other services.

  9. Teresa A Kropiwiec

    I agree Disney+ Is well worth the $15 ! I loved the show Madalorian, The Child ( aka Baby Yoda) is so damn cute and reminds me of Gizmo!
    I think its GREAT to be able to rewatch ALL Star Wars and ALL Marvel!!
    Well worth it!!!

  10. Erin

    Idk about anyone else but I’m watching Disney everyday because I’ve never had all the DVDs for w.e reason and unlike most people in havent seen every Disney movie there is to see.

  11. Keith Parlee

    Would have subscribed if they bothered making it available in my country. Even tried using a vpn to sign up in my neighbours country where it is available but without success.
    I have a Netflix subscription but there’s always torrent rss’s for the rest.
    I still don’t understand geographic restrictions.

  12. Alfred Wong

    I’ve cancelled. I no longer have little kids so there’s not much there until the 2nd season of Mando and the Marvel shows.

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