Comments for Disneyland Express Airport Shuttle Service Ceases Operation


Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    This stop a while ago they told me! i called beginning of this yr bc i was going to dl… i asked if they had to magical express they said no and they never had one esp from LAX! They only suggested a greyhound or the streamline or something that bus company they are assoc w but it cost a day trip to the park so i found that insane!

    1. E

      Where do you find park tickets for $48? Because that’s how much this service charges for round trips to/from LAX.

  2. E

    Uber and Lyft both want more for a one way trip than this shuttle ever wanted for a round-trip fare from LAX. Uber and Lyft also make me way too nervous to consider as an option as a young woman who often travels solo. This is infuriating and makes me incredibly anxious especially as I’ve already booked my hotel for my February trip. If Disneyland has a replacement service planned, they need to announce it ASAP.

    1. Harley

      Yea we are going next yr and i was told the same thing that there are ways but never i direct shuttle like magical express it never existed for them!

  3. Traci

    I found Lyft to be cheaper. Only costs me about 100 for round trip. the shuttle cost me over that, plus almost the cost of a flight! They forgot to pick me up even after 24 hour verification, never used it again. Supervisor came out and drove me and my daughter to the airport.

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