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Disney Springs

Credit: Disney


  1. Markus Down

    What kind of ” high paying jobs” was the city of Orlando expecting the restaurant to increase? Wait staff? Kitchen help? Room cleaners?
    More taxpayer dollars wasted, more propping up corporations.

    1. Skeeboe

      The article states that the company was considering moving corporate headquarters for its newly-acquired Italian restaurant chain to Orlando, which would presumably employ executives. They apparently did not move operations to Orlando, though.

  2. Rhett Mom

    INSANITY!! I’m assuming they thought the waitstaff, professional bus boys and dishwashers were supposed to make 6 digits!! That the DOE feels just in suing the restaurant/ group is absolutely poor critical thinking skills and another HUGE loss and defeat in Florida!
    The state attorney had every opportunity to sue Big Pharma- they chose not to! They chose instead to take a ridiculously low settlement from Pharma, not engage in other discussions but found that Google was more of a criminal!!
    I know how many people we’ve lost to Opioids. I have, as yet, not heard of one person being killed by Google! That’s some great judgement on the part of the State of Florida. Wouldn’t youAshely Moody??

  3. John

    Good! We offered incentives for economic benefit. If no benefit, refund the incentives!

  4. T

    Robert Earl is a maniacal moron. I waited on him at Planet Hollywood once, and was told he ought to cut my throat with his steak knife. Joke or not, inappropriate. And he wasn’t laughing. It’s about time the companies that have helped drag Orlando down pay.

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